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Wind Waker Sequel confirmed

Mark E

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Eiji Aonuma of Nintendo gave a Zelda retrospective at the GDC yesterday afternoon and at the bottom was, apparently, Wind Waker 2, scheduled for the Cube in 2xxx.


And yes, this wasn't just funning the crowd, he went on to say that new info about the sequel will be appearing at E3, possibly along with something about Zelda for the DS.


Not much news, but there's your heads up. Sourced this off both Planet GameCube and IGN ;).


Edit: At the PGC website you can download the actual translated lecture in mp3 format, 42 minutes long. Apparently a good listen. I'm giving it a once over right now, sounds interesting and it has anecdotes about the game creation which I am always a big fan of :).


Zelda: Link to the Lecture

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I have to say that any of you who are interested in the more creative aspects of game design owe it to yourselves to take a good look at the transcript of that lecture. I find it fascinating how a game designer can use these extremely subtle techniques to immerse the player in the gaming world. Here's an example of what I mean:


Allow me to show you one more example. [shows a scene from Ocarina of Time where Link is destroying a blocked passage with a bomb.] This is a scene of blowing a wall up in Ocarina of Time. In this case, Link is blowing open the entrance to the dungeon, but that's not what's important. It's the sound that's important. Now, allow me to explain this scene in detail. First, the player has an object that he thinks he might be able to destroy. He puts a bomb there and the bomb explodes. This results in the wall breaking and room ahead being revealed. Now, there is a start and an end to the explosion. There are several frames from the start of the KABOOM until the smoke blurrs your view. The player still does not know for sure what has happened. Once the smoke is cleared, the player can see the result. This is the time that we hear the now famous Zelda success chime. The purpose of this chime is to inform the player that he has solved the puzzle. So in the scene we just saw, the chime was timed at the start of the explosion. This also miserably fails the Miyamoto test. Please look at the correct answer. [shows clip from The Wind Waker of Link destroying a stone pillar with a bomb.]


This is the same type of this scene, but this time it's taken from The Wind Waker. Were you able to catch the difference between this scene and the one from Ocarina? In the Ocarina scene, the success chime was heard before the explosion ended. Although this chime is supposed to indicate success, it occurs before the player realizes the result of his action. Thus, he does not feel the reality that his actions were the correct anwser. Instead, they feel like a mere game mechanic. In the Wind Waker scene, the success chime was moved to play at this point in time [end]. This way, the player has some idea of the results of his actions when a success chime is heard and as a result the player has a feeling that he accomplished something. This is reality.


Maybe we need to tell Mr. Aonuma about the contest going on here at LCVG. It sounds as if he's given some thought to the subject matter :)

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That little excerpt there reminds me of something I always hated in Max Payne (1 at least, never played 2): if there were baddies around who didn't see you yet and you went to fire your gun, the instant you pressed the fire button, even before you heard/saw the shot yourself, the baddies reacted to it, instantly switching to combat mode and blurting out their "There he is!" sayings and such.


With Nintendo paying so much attention to detail, it's no wonder there are rarely any little things like that to tick me off in their games.


Even though I think OOT was the better game, there was something special about Wind Waker. It was just kinda pure gaming joy for me, and it's the one I'd rather play through again and again. So glad they're making another one in the WW style.

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