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Great site for kids and family


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I have been playing at a site that is 100% kid and family oriented and honestly, I have to say it's been a lot of fun. You can check it out here : Neopets


It's not the same as Pokemon, and it's not the same as Tamagotchi's, but in some ways it is similar. You can have battles with other Neopets owners, you have to feed your Neopet and play with it, but there are tons of flash games to play and earn points for your scores. The games range from very simple to quite difficult in skill. There are puzzle games and action games to choose from.


You can open up a store and sell items you have picked up in the shops on the site, you get a safe deposit box to keep your rare and valuable items in so nothing random happens to them like a hungry Skeith walking by and gobbing up your rare petpet or your ham and cheese sandwich you were saving to feed your Neopet later. And you get a free bank account to save your Neopoints in.


I like the fact that it is totally kid friendly, no drug references, no cursing on the boards, no sex talk. That's not something I would want Sara to deal with when she is old enough to play. She likes to sit next to me and watch me play, and she tells me things to buy in the shops. The site is really bright and busy, and she likes that.


Neopets has recently branched out into retail stores with Plushies, and stickers and voice activated toys, and soon they will have a video game out on the PS2.


So for those who have children and are looking for a place to have a good time with them on the net, I suggest checking it out. Play with them. Get a pet and open a shop and compete with them to see who can get the most Neopoints or who can get the most rare items. :tu:

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The next evolution of Tamagotchi is here! ;)


Seriously, though - this site is pretty cool & popular for kids.

And Chatakinns is right - I don't play anything too nasty in front of her.


It's bad enough that I was playing Halo one might over at my friends' house, & she was trying to control her character (& failing).


So she spouts one of my favorite lines: "This thing is pissing me off!"


Um,BIG oops :oops:

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Originally posted by Snakefish@Mar 26 2004, 04:37 PM

My kids are still too young for PC use, but I know some families that would love to try this. Thanx chat!

Depending on how old they are, they might like to do what Sara does, sit next to you and watch you play the games, and tell you what stuff to buy and use to play with your pet.


Makes great quality time. And the fact most PC screens are smaller than a TV, you can sit close or even hold them on your lap. Sara is getting too big for lap sitting, but she loves her Neopets.

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