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Oddworld Inhabitants and MS on the outs?

Romier S

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Reported on 1up.com:




Oddworld Inhabitants is seeking a new publisher for the next game in its planned Quintology, was the news from the maverick development house at the Game Developers Conference this week. Steef's Oddysee, as the Western-vibed Xbox shooter was called around its tentative debut last year, has nothing to do with Microsoft anymore, although it may make it to market through some other company.
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Maybe a new publisher will help the sales (via advertisments.)


Possibly but I do believe Munch's Odysee sold well on the Xbox (about 400k units). Of course this number is a bit skewed as Munch was a launch title for the Xbox. I'm more than curious as to what occurred to cause the split. Lorne and co. seemed to have a great working relationship with MS (not to say that has changed but you have to wonder why MS isn't publishing.).


PS: Check your PM HL2.

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Remember the Xbox documentary on Discovery a while ago? I seem to remember Ed Fries not being impressed with it and some of his comments seemed to be loaded with some subtext.


I do. Fries was looking for the next chapter in the Oddysee set, & what he saw was not what he was expecting.


Regardless,hopefully this will be a good thing for the Oddworld peeps.

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Current RUMOR that I found while surfing around:


Ed Fries was an OI supporter. When he left, support for them kinda weened. A bunch of people from OI left for Sammy. Lanning scrapped the current Oddworld game and decided to start from scratch. The thing is, he didn't tell MS. Of course, they found out, and canceled their publishing agreement. And OI can't find a publisher who'll front the cash for the game, so they may be S.O.L. and close down.


Again this is complete speculation at this point but man it would suck horribly to not see another Oddworld game if this turns out to be true. :cry:

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News from CVG is that the next Oddworld world game may in fact be published by EA. Heres the report:




CVG can today exclusively reveal, however, that the game has now been signed by a major publisher and is to be shown to the world in July, with a formal announcement to be made in the next couple of weeks. This was confirmed to us today by an senior development source, who also revealed the massively anticipated title had "gone alpha".


But while no official information regarding the identity of the new publisher is available, our source revealed to us that a deal has been inked with Electronic Arts, with an announcement imminent.



In an odd (pun intended) twist of events:




The filing revealed that Atari handed over its 50 per cent share in Oddworld Inhabitants over to Microsoft in exchange for a bunch of publishing royalties.


So they decide to not publish the fourth game in the series but now own 50% of OI? :wtf:

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So they decide to not publish the fourth game in the series but now own 50% of OI?


And by doing so, don't have to front the cash to actually get the game in the shops. If it's a hit, Microsoft makes their usually royalty off every copy, and see their investment in OI increase in value.

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