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Best way to test UL/DL speed of your connection

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I went to Broadbandreports.com and got a report saying my Download/Upload speed was 2441 / 437. Tested it at 9:30PM EST.


I don't think I believe it. It sounds better than I thought. I have standard cable broadband with Bright House Networks.


Does any one know a good place to test?


If it is correct, is this a good speed for hosting XBL games?

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Chris, I moved your topic to the General Xbox section as the Live section is for scheduling games.


To answer your question, Broadband Reports is a good site to check your bandwidth. With your results you can host some good sized rooms, but probably not say a 16 player RS3 or RtCW match.

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There's an undocumented trick you can do with your Xbox controller. Well, at least I THINK it's undocumented.


Anyhoo...run the Xbox Live troubleshooter. When it gets done testing your cables, DNS info, IP Config...then tells you that your're connected to Live. Well. just hit the "Y" button on your controller. It pulls up a detailed little window showing up and down speeds, your latency and how many packets were sent.

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From my understanding the Xbox test is used to determine your connection quality (latency). It only sends a few packets so bandwidth speeds aren't accurate at all. My connection is 3300/256 but my Xbox comes back with 7600/9900 all the time. When I ping XboxLive.com I get about the same as my Live tests though.

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