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What DVDs will you be buying on 3/30?

Angel P

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7 Grand Masters (Media Blasters)

Black Belt Angels (1995)

Blue Steel (1934)

Broken Silence (Silencio Roto) (Vanguard)

Brother Bear (2-Disc Special Edition) (2003) (Buena Vista)

Camera (Vanguard)

Code Of Death (La Clave De La Muerte) (Vanguard)

C.S.I.: The Complete Third Season (6-DVD Set) (2003)

Ded Grrl (Sub Rosa)

Director's Cut (Landfall)

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman: The Complete Third Season (8-DVD Set) (1995)

Feeders & Feeders 2: Slay Bells (Sub Rosa)

Final Countdown, The (2-DVD Limited Edition) (1980)

Fortress of Amerikkka (1989)

Going in Style (1979) (Warner Bros.)

Gone (2002)

Gun Frontier: Gun Pack (Media Blasters)

Hangman's Curse (2003) (Fox)

High Priced Gift - The Sequel (Regalo Caro II (Vanguard)

Homicide Life in the Streets: Season Four (6-DVD Set) (1994)

House of Sand and Fog (2003) (Dreamworks)

Incredible Mrs. Ritchie, The (Showtime)

Jersey Girl (Jami Gertz) (1993) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Jupiter's Wife (1994)

La Habanera (Kino)

La Truite (1983) (Home Vision)

Late Show, The (1977) (Warner Bros.)

Leaving Metropolis (Wolfe)

Liar's Poker (Ardustry)

Liliom (Kino)

Look In My Shorts (Vanguard)

Man Called Sledge, A (1970) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Midnight Stallion, The (Vanguard)

Most Terrible Time In My Life (Kino)

Nightwaves (2003) (Velocity)

No Sleep 'Til Madison (Vanguard)

No Turning Back (2003) (Univeral)

Outlaw Prophet (1999)

Panic Room (3-Disc Special Edition) (2002) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Posers (2002) (Hart Sharp)

Prisoner of Second Avenue, The (1974) (Warner Bros.)

Resurrection Blvd.: The Complete Season One (5-DVD Set) (2000)

Ripley's Game (2003) (New Line)

Sam & Janet (2002) (Monarch)

Sanford and Son: The Fourth Season (3-DVD Set) (1976)

Screaming Dead (E.I. Independent)

Serial Killing 101 (Lions Gate)

Seven Dials Mystery, The (1980)

Something's Gotta Give (2003)

Stealing Candy (2002) (Lions Gate)

Sunshine Boys, The (1975) (Warner Bros.)

Swan Princes, The (Special Edition) (1994) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Swan Princes III: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (Special Edition) (1998) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (Special Edition) (2003) (New Line)

Threat Of Exposure (Ardustry)

Time Without Pity (1957) (Home Vision)

Vampire Effect (2003) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Vampire Junction (Sub Rosa)

Vicious Blondes (Media Blasters)

Virgin Of Nuremberg, The (Media Blasters)

Virtual Girl (Vanguard)

Yossi and Jagger (Strand)

Zombie Cult Massacre (Sub Rosa)


For me: Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Something's Gotta Give.

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Oh my Gawd I didn't know Jem and the Holograms was hitting DVD. I am soo tempted to get that. I used to LOVE that show... I wonder if it holds up as well as He Man and She Ra do? If so that might have to be a purchase for me.


Other than that, nothing "mainstream" for me.


As for anime:

Slayers Excellent

Pretear Vol. 4

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Just realized that there are 2 different DVD editions of the TCM remake being released on Tuesday. The single disc (which is going for $15.99 at BB and CC) features a trailer, tv spots and music video. The 2-disc version has a pretty good selection of features (including 3 commentaries) and is going for between $24.99 (CC) and $29.99 (BB).


I'll be picking up the 2-disc edition. :)

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