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Resident Evil Outbreak Night


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lol ok


Got my copy this morning. Gamestop got it right when i walked in. However if they didnt have it, bestbuy for some reason actually got a game on release day.


Romier if you want to try out co-op for what ever little time ya can just Pm me




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Just set up my online account and will probably be playing later this evening. Look for CaptainRon1961. Hope to see some LCVG'ers in there. Heading for...Vegas, Baby! ... tomorrow, so won't be able to play online or with my new XBox until next week. Although I'll be playing other things...gets that right hand ready for the slots!

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Good luck finding anyone. Took me and a freind over an hour of logging in and out to finally get on the same server...I don't know how they have it set up, but you couldn't choose what server you were on, or at least I couldn't figure it out.


Sold my copy two days after I got it. I can't believe people actually like this game. :shock:

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