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Pandora kills the Short Bus


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All right, all you Jackholes that bought SC:PT can just piss off :)

Do you do anytrhing else???????????

If there are any poor souls out there that haven't ponied up to Pandora and want a meaningless game or two of RS3, let me know. I should be around tonight. Or maybe I'll just have to go buy SC:PT so I can hang with the cool kids.


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Hey Drunk,


I've got Links.

Send me a friend invite if your up for a game.


Buy the time I get around to buying SC:PT and learn how to play it, Halo 2 will be out. :P


Seriously though, I actually tried to buy it yesterday, but no one had it in. Trivial Pursuit as well.


Maybe tomorrow.....

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yeah, weird......


We tried though. The short bus will not be put down!!!!!!!


DrunkOM, I saw you online, grabbed a beer and put links in and then you were gone. I was playing Ninja Gaiden, and got a bit lost on time.


I'll be up for a while longer.....................

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