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GameCube going online soon?


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From nintendophiles.com forums:


Nintendo is ready to show off their new plans at E3... ahead of the presentation of their new portable. Nintendo of America is creating an online service to use with the broadband adapter. Not having any real experience in the networking field, they made an agreement with Gamespy which has many years experience in centralized servers used to join players for games on the Internet. Logitech, an unexpected 3rd player in this venture, will supplement the accessories used for communication.


Wireless headset! LAN games (MK:DD, 1080, etc) backwards online-compatible! Rainbow Six 3 and Pandora Tomorrow online! Friends list! Chat! GBA Player link! If true (could be an April Fools joke), HOLY &^%#$@!

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Yeah, this sounds sketchy. The GameSpy thing makes no sense, since GameSpy has had an extremely anti-Cube vibe running through it for a long while now. Besides which, did we not hear many, many moons ago that Nintendo was talking with AOL regarding something like this? I imagine we'd have heard something from that particular avenue before this one.

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