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CokeSports.com and ESPN video games $$ off


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Since I refuse to drink anything but coca-cola, I am amassing quite a few Coke cap codes for the $10 off on ESPN video games. As soon as I get the ones entered for our games we want, I will have an abundance of these codes available for the asking.


You can only get $10 off per game title, but you can get as many different titles as you wish. They even have ESPN Football 2005 listed, but you can't order it till sometime this fall IIRC.


The only fair way to do this is to have anyone interested in getting the extra codes I have PM me and I will send you a reply back with the codes. They have to be entered in exactly as they are on the cap. Then you can get your own account there and enter the codes and get your $$ off the titles you want to get.


So, send me a note, and I will send you the codes I have available. I average about 3-4 caps a night, and have some people from work saving their caps for me too.



Oh yeah, the site is


Games available for discount with codes

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Bumping this thread!


You can use the caps for $10 off the 19.99 ESPN Videogames, and they are giving free shipping.


ESPN Basketball will be accepting the $10 off at the end of November, so for 9.99 shipped, it's a great deal! That's what I'm getting.


ESPN College Hoops will start taking the caps a little later.



Leslie, do you still have caps with codes to share?



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