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Old-School Thursday & Friday Night Wolf!

Chris F

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Just to let everyone know, I'm getting back into Xbox Live.


I was thinking I'd bust out some older titles we could play tonight, or titles that we SHOULD be playing more of...


MotoGP 2?

Vanilla (no exp pack...yet) Ghost Recon?

Midnight Club 2?

Unreal Championship?


You guys decide! We'll play whatever game has the most votes, or whatever game the majority of us have!


Tomorrow, Friday, August 8th, is RtCW night! 16 players, shit talking, bullets flying - ALL OUT CARNAGE!




Come get some!

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I tried to deliver a flaming teabag when I was using a flamethrower in my Trogdor persona, but to no avail.


There were just too many people, and (what with the lag and all ;)) I was too busy getting lit up by the bad guys to find a moment of quiet and contemplation in order to deliver a flaming teabag.


I did burninate a few guys, though (including a few, ah, blue-on-blue engagements).



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i was gonna get island thunder today but when i went to Best Buy i noticed something messed up. Inside the plastic containers they put the games in every single one was opened already. on the back of the case said "For display use only" and something else and the seals were already cracked. So i didnt get it



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