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New ESPN League has formed!


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I am the commish of the XBLFL - a very successful ESPN league that is in it's 4th season - so we are very committed to staying around:




Since my league has been so popular, I have created a "sister" league, the XLLOC:




And we are filling up spots very quickly so that we can get started.


Teams are going fast - so get in touch with me ASAP (jmhenry5150@yahoo.com) if you anyone here is interested.


The software I wrote is very robust, including tournaments, pick-up games, a lottery, a forum, feedback for each league game, etc...


Look forward to hearing from you!



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As you know, advertising any goods or services for any business purpose is not permitted anywhere, unless prior explicit permission by LCVG.com is obtained. As a one-time accommodation, this topic is reopened and the links to jmhenry5150's league sites have been re-added.


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


-- LCVG Staff

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Originally posted by jmhenry5150@Mar 29 2004, 02:11 PM

BruceB - you interested in a team?

No thanks, I retired for the year. Its baseball season.

Also, if Joel is on the league it would be like shooting fish in a barrel( Joel please insert derogatory Splinter Cell ass kicking comment here)

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I know Nightwing has been playing in one of Michael's leagues for a few years now and he loves it. One thing he hates is playing with someone who is losing and quits out of the game. Playing in the league gives him opponents that don't do that, and also some good competition around.

He looks forward to his game nights. And I like watching the games too.

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Hey guys!


A quick update - the league is now full except for 1 team - the Chargers...


Anyone interested, let me know ASAP by email: jmhenry5150@yahoo.com...


And just so the mods don't kill me - there is no fee what-so-ever, me and the other admin decided to waive that so that we could fill the league ASAP and get it started...


Tournaments - There are 8-man tournaments that you can use ANY team

Pick-up games - just play a game against any league member and you can report the game that adjusts your ranking


Feedback for all weekly games - this is to police gameplay


Lottery - every season ends with a lottery that you earn chances through tournaments, ranked games, league rank, awards, etc...


Let me know!!!

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Hi guys!


Just letting everyone know, the Bengals are open for assignment in the "Big" league (The XBLFL) - my league.


We had an owner needing to drop out because of school/work, etc...


This would be a great opportunity to come in and see what the league is all about and get a feel for how we do things... If anyone is interested in picking up this team for the remainder of the season (we are in week 11 right now), please let me know...BTW, your owner fee will be waived as we are passed week 10...





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