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Has anyone had any fustration between wanting to shift left or right from running? I mean I'm in the middle of a game and this guy makes me work the court, the only problem is when I want to run he starts to side step! I hate that! :x :evil: I was so damn mad earlier with that! I lost the last tournament because of that! Does anyone else have this problem with the control or is it just me??? :bang: :bang: :bang: :x :evil:

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Occasionally, but the load times were even more frustrating!

No kidding, the load times and the lack of sounds or music during them, and the long wait before voice chat kicks in. -Painful to say the least! :bang:


Sry JJ, I don't have asolution for you, I haven't had it happen enough to troubleshoot the probelm. Tell us if you do figure out the root of the probelm.

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