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Warioware for the Gamecube

The Daisy

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What disappoints me about this game is that after reading early reviews of the game in EGM, it seems that the single player game is exactly the same as the GBA game with no new micro games. From everything I've read, the sole purpose to own this game is for multiplayer. But, if you already own the GBA version and are only interested in the single player game of the GC game, then it's not worth it.


I was all set to buy the GC version because I loved the GBA version, but now I'm not as inclined to do so. Oh well :|

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From what I read in EGM, there isn't anything new and that the single player game on the GC version isn't even presented as well as the GBA version making it confusing to gamers on what they're supposed to do. As a multiplayer game it seems it received very high praise, but because the single player game wasn't anything new it really hurt the scores and it got like 6's and 7's. Still, considering the game will MSRP for $29.99, it costs roughly the same as the GBA game, so either of them are good. But, since I already have the GBA game(and a GBA player) I think I'll save my money for something else.

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