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NFL Fever (and more games after that) will offer 2 months of free Live access


This concerns me. Will they still require a credit card for sign ups? I'm afraid that even though expanding the user base for Live is a good thing, this will cause us to see a huge influx of immature pricks in the online community. If people buy an XBL game every two months they could conceivably play for free by activating a new account every two months. Two months seems a bit long. Is MS going to impose any kind of limits per household?

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Just a guess, but I would assume that they would require a card to sign up -- and the user agrees to automatic billing after the two months. Then free time would be limited to two months per credit card billing address.


And this would explain rumors (still rumors?) about a standalone live headset offering from MS.



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And this would explain rumors (still rumors?) about a standalone live headset offering from MS.


Hardly a rumour, it was formally announced by Microsoft. Key games will have two months of free Xbox Live play bundled with them as a "teaser". Microphones will be available seperately, which suggest to me that they know people will "surf" XBL going from trial to trial without ever formally paying $50 for a full year's access. Of course they'll lose their gamertags between games etc, but the people that'll do this won't really care I suspect.


Hell, how often do people buy XBL games, play the hell out of them for a month, then trade them in for the next big thing? PSO & RTCW spring to mind...


Combine all that with hte ability to pay for XBL on a month-to-month basis, I think Microsoft know the XBL fanbase will subtley change over the coming months.

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