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Have your speakers ever picked up radio waves?


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In the past, my PC speakers would sometimes pick radio traffic. You'd have to pretty much put your ear to the speaker to hear it, but it was there. Normally it sounds like people on 2-way radios, but at this moment my speakers are picking up... Asian music. Like you'd hear at a Chinese or Japanese (hmmmmm, Japanese) restaurant. :lol:


Any engineers here that would like to explain this phenomenon? (For the smart asses < cough > Bryan < cough >, I'm not talking about the Asian music either :P)

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I use some junky speakers for my PC and have had that happen in the past. (For critical listening at my PC I use high-end headphones).


I believe the very thin-gauge wire acts as an antenna and by chance happens to be tuned to the frequency of radio station. I was picking up Canadian radio with my speakers.


Pick up a "ferrite core" at Radio Shack and wrap the cable coming out of the PC around the core 4 or 5 times. This will block the interference.

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You'd have to pretty much put your ear to the speaker to hear it, but it was there. Normally it sounds like people on 2-way radios


The day I saw Sixth Sense, when I went to bed I swore I could hear some really faint voices. I rolled over and said to myself "It's just yer brain playin with you after that movie." But then a minute later I heard the voices again, and I got a little freaked because I was positive the sound was not only real, but coming from some odd location right in the middle of my room (but it was intermittent and hard to locate). I got out of bed, kneeling on the floor, and cautiously crawled forward a bit, right into the middle of my crummy old 4-speaker PC sound system. The voices came back and it sounded like it was coming from all around. I dang near pissed my pants, but I realized what was going on a split second before that happened :)


It was some radio communications between train conductors coming in ever so faintly (had to press my ear to a speaker to understand anything). Took me a bit longer than normal to fall asleep that night :)


I had a similar incident after seeing The Mothman Prophecies. When my PC is left on at night there just happen to be two little red lights at opposite ends of the table, across the room from my bed... :)

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