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I dabble in website design. I have a new client who wants to be able to charge people to access certain pages of his site for a set length of time. Currently he accepts their check payment and emails them the webpage address, but obviously has no way to stop them from distributing the address and can't really prevent them from accessing it forever. Does anyone have a link to a script (freeware, shareware or pro) that allows for password access, can limit access after a certain length of time, and can bill for further access? How much does Paypal cost to use as a payment provider? Thanks for any help anyone can give. I nodded at all the right places, but I'm not sure how to do this one. I mostly just make the pictures look purty.

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What you're asking for can't be done w/ a simple script.

Depending on your server you can manage different accounts and access from there. It would all need to be done manually though, assign everyone a logon and a password, and revoke as necessary.


To do it properly you'd need a database with user names, passwords, and the payment information. With this data you could have each page check against the data to ensure the person is a valid user and is paid up.


Hope that helps, I'd post the job over at guru.com and see what kind of responses you'd get. If it's a non-profit agency, I'll consider helping you.

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