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What do you collect?


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I've seen a few topics about collecting things, like the die cast cars and Ed's toys.

So it got me wondering what else people here collect.


I have a lot of Texaco collectibles, including all the #28 die-cast cars back to when Davey Allison drove for us. (anyone interested I'll sell 'em dirt cheap)


Now, my sons and I are collecting all the Halo Action Figures, but that's about it.


Include links to samples so we can see what you are talking about.




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My big thing for the past year and a bit has been board games. My collection is well over fifty right now and probably well over 60 if i wanted to count it up right now ;).


There's a lot of interestingly collectible board games, though I don't tend to help the value because I like to own and then play these titles. It's a lot of fun. I love board gaming more than video gaming actually, but it's easier to get people together for a round of video gaming ;).

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I'm a very "obsessive" person so whenever I get one of something I like it is suddenly a collection... but I'm trying hard to break that habit...


Past/sometimes present collections includes:

Pez Dispensers

Chess Sets

Star Wars figures


'64/'65 Worlds Fair Memorabilia

Animation Cells


Current collections:


Walt Disney World stuff

Arcade stuff

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Guest Bryan

I have about 70 Sinatra discs and albums that I treasure and listen to on a regular basis - the Chairman goes well with Links on the 'Box. I also grab the occasional vintage repro GI Joe when they come out with cool 60's frogmen or talking pilot figures. I also have several SideShow Toys Monster figures that are very well crafted. On the same monster theme, about 75% of my dvd collection is horror-based. I love to be scared!


I also seem to be adding to my collection of children - up to three now!


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DVD's for sure. TV shows on dvd is a pretty big hobby of mine these days. I have a small collection of film cells that i add to every once and a while as well. And now because of Ed and Tim, I now have a growing collection of Qee's.


In the past i collected action figures, comics, TCG's, CCG's and so forth



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In the past I used to have a few large collections - comics, Star Wars stuff, etc... Lately, I've been into a lot of little "micro" collections, meaning that for a short period I'll be really into collecting one small group of items. For example, just the Star Wars "Unleashed" figures. I find that I like these smaller collections much more. It's cheaper, easier to maintain/store, and actually attainable.


My recent binges have been Buffy-related. The comics, action figures, and DVD's (including the UK DVD's in the ultra-cool packaging). I'm a sucker for cool packaging, so it's just killing me that I won't be getting that Alien head DVD set.

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Allen. For God's sake, man; either open and play that Otogi, or give it to me - I can't find a sensibly priced PAL copy anywhere.


As tragically over the top as my DVD collection is, it still takes up less space than my CDs do, and my vinyl takes up 5 times as much space as my laserdiscs as well. Still, all of it put together only takes up about as much as my wife's book collection.

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I have always been a dabbler when it comes to collecting. I have some boxes of comic books now mixed in with Cal's. I don't collect any one line of toys faithfully, there just seems to be so many different ones out there. Dana Carvey did a comedy special where he made the point that even having a hand in a different position meant another $9.99 to pay out.


I would imagine that my biggest collection is of my Pokemon stuff. And now I have started collecting Neopets things. I have a hard time passing up Transformers when I see them, and just picked up a bunch of them for Cal. I have always had a book collection.

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I've never collected anything, but I am prepared to start collecting that Alternator line of Transformers (like the WRX I have). As I mentioned before, I'll be picking up the red vipor this weekend, and the Jeep as soon as I come across it. I really hope Hasbro keeps to thier release schedule, and I hope they continue the line.

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TV Guides (long story, don't ask

Hey I do too but then again I work for them and get them free hehe.


My main collections include:



Laserdiscs including Star Wars the originals(neener neener)

Magic the Gathering CCG but not anymore. I do have some rare cards from the Alpha/Beta/Arabian Nights days..

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The funny thing is that I wasn't a collector of anything (I don't really count CDs, or DVD) until I ran across the Qees last year. And originally I bought one of them without the intention of buying more...


I now have about 220 of them, so somewhere along the way I became a collector.

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