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Just got a GBA SP and Fire Emblem

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Went to Target and they have a sweet deal going where you get a $20 gift card for buying a GBA SP. Plus Fire Emblem is $5, so all said and done I got a red GBA SP at normal price + Fire Emblem for $5. Not too bad...


Looking forward to FE, as my favorite handhelds have always been the "tactics" or RPG type games. Most notably Advance Wars (AW) and AW2 have chewed up a good 300 hours of my life (and what a good chewing it was.)


Anyone here a fan of FE can give me some tips or advice? Nothing game spoiling, just general always-do-this type comments?



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Hey, Joe, congrats! You got a great game for a great price. I'm working my way through it now, actually, compliments of blackcalx.


A few general notes about the game. As with all RPG's, it's best if you try to keep all of your available characters alive, but unlike most RPG's you are deploying up to 11 at a time (unlike, say, Golden Sun), and you do not have the opportunity to recruit new generic troops (unlike, for example, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance). So if you lose your elemental mage, he's lost and gone forever like Darling Clementine. You do gain new party members as the game progresses, but it's not like you can go to an inn and hire a soldier and then train him to be whatever you need, rather you recruit a specific person that has a specific role (axe-wielder, for example), and if he dies in the next battle you are now down one axe-wielder. You can't hop into the next town and hire yourself another axe-wielder, if you catch my drift.


With that in mind, do your best not to overextend any of your troops at any point in the game, and heal whenever you have the opportunity. You do get to deploy a healer or two in most battles, and I would suggest that even if your knight has lost a mere 4 hit points, go ahead heal him if you are able. Also, click on the closest enemies to check their attack range, and move wounded or weakened characters out of the way whenever possible. I just finished a level where I spent at least two hours in an arena leveling up some of the characters that I rarely used, and when I finally got everyone to around the same level and went to attack the last remaining enemy on the screen, I miscalculated his attack range by one square and he killed my mage (who was at full strength) with one hit. That means I have to scrap those hours and start all over again. :bang:


Also, my last piece of advice is to go ahead and use the fortune teller when she joins your party. She asks for 60 gold to tell your fortune, but she always gives good advice like "bring archers" or "leave pegasus knights out of this one", etc. She will also tell you if a certain party member is needed for that battle (usually to recruit a new person).


Good luck and enjoy!!

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Played through about 7 chapters (levels?) last night, great game. Would be nice if you could buy stuff in the weeks between battles instead of in the heat of it (dual black mages, hold on a sec I need to run over and get a new sword...) Great balancing on all the unit though, I always love games that use that simple rock, paper, scissors combat balancing.


I can tell I'm going to really piss off the Mrs. with the amount of time I spend with Fire Emblem. We don't even mention Advance Wars (1 or 2) around the house anymore. :green:

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Ohh how weird! A Fire Emblem thread!


I have been going through GBA game after GBA game at work and this is "next up". Bought it at Target a few days ago for $25 to play after Mario and Luigi is done (I'm at the last level now hopefully will take it down tonight). So Fire Emblem is my next game and now I'm really fired up to go at it.


I love strategy games and wish someone would port Gemfire over to the GBA...

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I just want to say, if I've ever played a more frustrating game than Fire Emblem, I have mercifully blocked it from my memory. I can't even tell you how many times I ran through the "Four-Fanged Offense" map. The very first time I played it, I had the entire map beat except for the boss and I had leveled up three players to level 20 in the arena, when I decided to level Oswin from 17 to 20 so I could promote him. Got him to level 19, when he ran into someone with a silver sword that did 14 damage. What I failed to account for is that the foe got TWO attacks per round...d'oh! Buh-bye Oswin. Start entire level over.


That has been the story of my game so far--play for forty-five minutes, get a character killed off, restart level. That I continue to plug away day after day is a testament to how much fun the game is...when my characters stay alive...


So far I've permanently lost Wil, Bartre, and Rath, and I ain't going back for 'em now.

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You've run into my issue with the game as well. It's not really an issue, just my own personal issue with it. If someone dies or if I kill off a character that I should persuaded to join my army, I start over.


I haven't had a chance to get through the whole game yet because of this philosophy... I know it's silly, but I just enjoy the game so much that doing the levels over isn't all that bad....



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FE definitely needs an in chapter save function, no doubts there. I've found I am willing to let some characters go though and just continue on. Like when Sain died in the arena and I had already leveled three other chars to 20 in that arena, or Rath biting it on level 2x at the final Boss. If they are a favorite I start over, otherwise I just figure that's part of the challenge and continue on without their skills.

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