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Super Monkey Ball Super Replays!!!


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I have a friend named Dale, who has a cocaine-like addiction to all things Super Monkey Ball. In fact, these two games are the reasons he wanted and bought a GameCube. For him, these games aren't just about beating each level and moving to the next. It's about doing it in style and as quickly as possible.


As a result, he's built up an impressive catalog of amazing replays. At my request, he has captured those replays into MPEG format, and thanks to Buck, they are here for your viewing pleasure. I've selected the 12 best replays to display here, but at Buck's request, we'll post the first 6 for now and the rest at a later date (perhaps within a week). Enjoy!

  • Floor 8 - 3 MB, 9 sec.
    The only one of the batch from the first game. This is a good example of what he likes to do in all of this replays.
  • Bead Screen - 5.5 MB, 17 sec.
    Timing is everything on this one.
  • Dynamic Maze - 5.7 MB, 17 sec.
    Yet another instance of Dale waiting for just the right moment to make his move. What's cool is tthat he never stops moving forward and he never turns left or right.
  • Cliffs, Version 1 - 5.3 MB, 16 sec.
    This one is most dear to my heart, because it is the only one of these that I actually did! :D That's right; I'm showing off!
  • Cliffs, Version 2 - 5.6 MB, 17 sec.
    Not to be outdone, here's Dale's take on the same level.
  • Folders - 6.2 MB, 19 sec.
    This is, by far, the best of this batch. Don't ask me how he did this. I don't think he even knows.

Look for the remaining 6 to appear online sometime in the next week or so!

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In some ways the first one is the most amazing because he practically freefalls from the start right into the finish, aiming at the finish with freakish accuracy.


In any event that's pretty jaw-dropping as a whole. I knew I wasn't very good at the Main game in SMB...now I know that I am truly awful at it.

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Nice stuff! I've never seen any videos from SMB2 (and never tried any crazy crap in it), so this is a treat.


I used to do floor 8 in SMB1 like he does. It could take a billion tries to do it, but when each try takes ~2 seconds and you can restart almost instantly, you can pull it off now and then :) At a little get-together once, though, one of my friends said "Hey, show them some of your sick Monkey Ball replays. But try to do it for real first, so they can see how hard it is." So I loaded up floor 8 and did it first try, and most of the people there, having played the game at least a little bit themselves, had their jaws on the floor :) I tried it 20 more times in a row and failed miserably each time just to prove I wasn't THAT good though :)


There used to be a site up with all the world record (highest scores) videos for each floor in SMB1, but I think it's down now :(

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Let me get this out of the way. If you've watched any or all of the movies linked to in Covak's post, these five replays will not impress you at all. All right, maybe some of them will a little, but nothing compares to the insanity that is the replays done by that one guy. I showed those to Dale and he agreed. We are in awe.


At any rate, without further adieu, here are the remaining replays from my friend Dale.

  • Giant Comb - Fast Version - 5.3 MB, 16 sec.
    As the title suggests, this is Dale beating the Giant Comb level as quickly as possible.
  • Giant Comb - Slow Version - 13.9 MB, 42 sec.
    If there's going to be a fast version, then obviously there will be a slow one. Dale had a theory that if you moved at just the right speed, you could go through the entire level without getting hit by the comb. You'll see in this movie, that his theory holds up pretty well... at least until the very end!
  • Heirarchy - Version 1 - 9.5 MB, 29 sec.
    The only thing that is remarkable about this replay is that Dale does not die. He should have.
  • Heirarchy - Version 2 - 7.1 MB, 21 sec.
    Just how does he know exactly where to fall off the ramp like that and land on the bottom tier?
  • Serial Jump - 4.3 MB, 12 sec.
    I can do this, but I don't want to. :?

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Super Monkey Ball 2 is not a Player's Choice title yet, but it is going for $30 brand new at most places. I'm sure if you did some digging, or picked up a used copy, you could probably get it for around $20.

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