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DVD and other Hot Deals Thread 4/4-4/11


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DVD of the Week





Matrix Revolutions - Hot Price

Buy Matrix Rev and Matrix Reloaded or Original Matrix 2 for $25

Matrix or Matrix Reloaded $14.99 each

Animatrix $15.99

Cheaper by the Dozen - Hot Price

Galarians Rion $16.99

Pink Panther 6 dvd set $49.99

Freaks and Geaks Complete Series $49.99

Police Acadamy Collection $49.99

Police Acadamy 1 $14.99

Meet me in St Louis $19.99

A Room with a view SE $19.99

Grapes of Wrath $9.99

Charlies Angels Season 2 $39.99

In Living Color Season 1 $29.99

Spy Kids 3d $17.99

Pirates of the Carribean $17.99

Lion King 1 1/2 $17.99

Texas Chainsaw Massacre(2003) $19.99

Somethings Gotta Give $19.99

Gothika $19.99

Friends Season Sets Buy 2 get $10 off , By all 7 save $100



Free $15 Gift Card with purchase of 2 HP Ink Carts or 2 packs of HP Photo Paper

Epson Stylus CX640 Printer $179.99 after MI rebate- Also get a $40 mail in Gift card




Circuit City

Matrix Revolutions $15.99

The Matrix $9.99

Matrix Reloaded $9.99

Cheaper by the Dozen Low Price

Friends buy 2 seasons get $10 off

Pink Panther 5 disc set $44.99

In Living Color Season 1 $29.99

Freaks and Geaks Season 1 $44.99


$19.99 dvds


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Somethings gotta give

The Rundown

Cat in the Hat

Brother Bear

Finding Nemo

Harry Potter 1

Harry Potter 2


Lion King 1 1/2 $14.99

Spy Kids 3d $19.99

Shrek $12.99





Martrix Revolutions $15.99

Cheaper by the Dozen Low Price

In Living Color Season 1 $29.99

Freaks and Geeks Complete seris $49.99

Meet Me in St Louis $19.99

Friends Season 7 $29.99

Friends Season 1 and 2 $27.99

Friends Seasons 3-6 $34.99 Each


2 For $15

Cruel Intentions

Moulin Rogue

Romeo and Julet

Behind Enemy Lines

Shallow Hal

Time Bandits

Ever After

Young Frankenstein

Jerry McGuire

Little Women

A Guy Thing

Much About Nothing

Life of Brian

The wedding singer


2 for $20


Matrix Revolutions

Breakfast Club

Sixteen Candles

The Ring

2 fast 2 furious

8 Mile

Lawrence of Arabia

Super Troopers

Legally Blond 2


Down With Love



The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions $9.99 each after rebate

Cheaper by the Dozen -Free Popcorn with purchase


$9.99 Dvd's

Mighty Joe Young

Operation Dumbo Drop

Care Bears Movie


Free Willy


Roger rabbit

The Bible

The Rob

Police Acadamy 2

Major League


Bill Durham


Res Dogs

Police Acadamy

The Rookie


The Whole Nine yards


Ice Age

Ten Commandmnts


Richard Prior Show Vol 1 and 2 $24.99

In Living Color $29.99

Feiends Seasons 5,6,7 $29.99 each

Will and Grace Season 2 $29.99

Chappelle's Show Season 1 $19.99

Pink Panther Set $44.99

CSI Swason 3 $49.99

Sopranos Season 4 $69.99


$19.99 dvd's

Somethings Gotta Give


Brother Bear

Texas Chainsaw (2003)


Finding Nemo $14.99

Lion King 1 1/2 $14.99



Thats its for this week

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And I say no to the third Matrix. People seem to think they achieve some sort of zen when watched altogether, but not worth the risk for me. I found it was tired, tepid, and lacked the depth of the first one, or even the second one which was decent but not great.


I realized I had had enough of the Matrix during that scene in Revolutions where three people go over a turnstile in three separate ways, each more complicated than the last. It's called "just leap over it" people. That's about the point where I realized the substance of the first one was not going to be found here and it was going to be attempts to wow for the rest of the running time.


Shame too, because the first is one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time.

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I felt the second film was a huge let down. The dialogue was horrible, and for God's sake, that scene where Neo fights Agent Smith: I get it Neo is tough. It was a terrific computer generated bore. :roll: And, the whole dance scene in Zion...I found myself rooting for the Sentinels ;)


So I didn't even bother with the third, although I will probably rent it and waste 3 bucks.

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Unlike a lot of people, I loved Matrix Revolutions. In fact, it's turned out to be my favorite of the three.


Last weekend I watched all 3 movies back to back, and I hadn't seen Revolutions in the theatre, mostly because of all the bad stuff I had heard about it. So I went in expecting crap, and it turns out I loved it. Maybe it's because my expectations were lowered, I don't know.


I loved the fact most of the movie wasn't in the Matrix. I loved the fact it didn't have a clear cut winner at the end. Plus it didn't have a happy ending, so that is always a plus in my book.


Going to watch it again today, just to see if my feelings about it hold up.

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I'm also very pro-Revolutions and Reloaded. I admit that there was some adjustment time going from 1 to 2, but I don't think that makes 2 a bad movie, just different. Going from 2 to 3 was easier because they were more similar in style, but I think 3 was better paced and a more enjoyable film overall.


I think the trilogy is an astounding achievement by any measure.

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The Matrix was a great movie. The second one was an absolute bore with some cool effects but I haven't seen the third so its a no brainer pickup for me. The Animatrix was pretty awesome in parts and definitely worth buying if anyone here has not seen it yet. I liked it much better than the second flick (which had me checking my watch at the movie theater - not a good sign!)

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