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Dead or Alive 4, Weapons-based fighting?

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I really liked DOA3. I recall reviews of that game were amazingly high. After Ninja Gaiden, I have a new found fondness of Team Ninja and this franchise. So now I am excited for DOA4 (not ultimate, although I'm interested in that).


I BET that DOA4 will be an Xbox 2 launch title. It will be weapons-based (or atleast feature weapons play). It will be online with both head-to-head and leader boards. And it will be the best looking game on all platforms upon release.


Don't even get me started about Ninja Gaiden 2.

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I BET that DOA4 ...

By "I bet" I did not mean "I know" of course. Sorry if my enthusiasm implied otherwise.


But, team Ninja did state that all fighting games from now on will be online (leader boards is a no brainer). So that is true. Whether DOA4 will be the best looking game when it comes out isn't a stretch since (IMHO) even today DOA3 is still the best looking game seen on my 50H81. Whether it will be an Xbox 2 game, well I'm not confident of that. But since Team Ninja seems to concentrate on one game at a time, and they're currently working to release Ultimate, Code Cronus, and DOA4, and Xbox 2 is destined for a 2005/2006 release, it seems to be decent "guess" .


As for being weapons-based... that is probably the only thing I am dreaming up. It is completely based on Ninja Gaiden being so successful. I hope that Team Ninja has as much fun creating a weapons-based game like Ninja Gaiden and will think to include weapons in their next version of DOA. I doubt we'll know whether I am right or wrong until E3 (2004 or 2005).

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Yeah, it would completely change the dynamic. It would be a completely different game.


I'd love to see their take on a weapons-based fighting game, but it shouldn't take place in a DoA title, and I wouldn't want it to distract them from a DoA title, either.

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I disagree on the weapons "thing" - weapons is just not part of DOA, never has been. It's all about rapid kungfu, combos & counter attacks.

I agree that it would change the game. And I do like the game style as-is. But damn it, how can Ryu put his sword away for hand-to-hand combat? I'd like to see a mode where weapons could be available. You don't have to have one or the other.

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