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Here is the info:





Go here,put in the game name - add the password, & you're good to go!


Things are a little different this time.

We are starting things off easy. Two easy courses,nice days,everyone should have a chance to make the cut.


Then... :evil:

We go to the extreme. The people who make the cut will play the 3rd mound at Ocean Mill under difficult conditions. Then the final round is at the Mill D.C. course. - under the harshest conditions possible. I think I included some mulligans in the last round - frankly,anyone who makes it that far is going to need them.


So,don't chicken out on me. Sign up & do the best you can!

Contact me if you have any questions.



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In I am. :)


I'd love to do match play. If you go with stroke, dont make it only the directors cut - although you may feel free to work it in there somehow. If you choose to make all rounds there, please dont use windy conditions! :shock:

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Couple 'o questions from an XSNSports.com newbie:


1. How do my scores/stats get tracked on XSNSports.com? Do I enter the XSN Sports area through Links? I choose this from the menu within the game and there was only an option to create a new tournament.


2. How many games do we play per round? 1? 5? More? Less?


3. We can play games without anyone else or with a few others?


EDIT: Bryan answered my main question (#1). Thanks Bryan!

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Guest Bryan

I missed the deadline for Round One. I played Round Two Saturday afternoon and shot -20. Did the score post? Nope. :evil:


Oh well...

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