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Capt's Hideout


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Well i finally got around to taking some picture of my home theater. Its located in our basement and my family always jokes about me hibernating down there. thus my calling it the Bat Cave


First Up Is a Long Shot of my setup. Sorry for the glare off the screen. Thats my 43 inch RP Sony which has Jeremiah on at the moment. Underneath in the cabinet is my Marantz laserdisc player which gets occasional use. Also you may see cables behind the component rack. However its always dark so you dont see em :-)







Here is my component rack. It consists of


Scientific Atlanta Cable Box

30 Hour Tivo Unit


Pelican Component Switch

Sony DAV -S300 Home theater system

Toshiba 2108 5 Disc DVD Changer




The Xbox, Gamecube and the Newly bought Ps2 (for a 3rd time). Also you can see the DDR pad as well





Here is a picture of my new recliner, and below it a old couch which i redid with foam and padding. Came out pretty good actually . Just in case someone other them myself goes down there






Next up is a picture of my shelving Unit. Has DVD's, games and some laserdiscs on the bottom. This is just a portion of my complete dvd collection. If they were all on there id need 2-3 of em. The rest are in my room and who else knows where




A Closer Look at My Game stuff. First up The Games themselves, followed by my new Soul Cal 2 arcade stick,extra controllers and headsets on the bottom





Now the top of the shelving unit has my Now Playing stand and A little something i just picked up




Here is my Steel Battallion with its table


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I can see why long cords are a necessity, looks like you sit a ways from the screen.


One unexpected advantage of using a projector (which I know you're planning on getting) is that all your gear can be on the same side of the room you are on, with just the screen on the other side, so cord length (and stringing them across the room) suddenly isn't a problem.

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Good Eye bruce


The one on the right is from the mets all time players night, the one on the left is the mets all time greatest moments. You should know about one of those :-) The center one is a panaramic picture of the first Subway Series game between the Mets/Yanks.


The left and right ones are gonna be coming down soon for 2 more movie posters



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Guest Bryan

Yes Joel, you are correct. I ran the photo through the Bat Super Photograph Enhancing Crime Computer. It is kleenex.


That's a very 'hand'y place to keep it Joey. :oops:

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Since I'm sure it's no fault of the cameraman, this room seems to have a slant to it. You sure this it the BatCave? Or is it one of the villains hideouts that are always tilted?


They have this wacky invention called "Wire Ties", you should look into it.


Yeah! And what happened to the little cardboard backing that they give you with one of those equipment racks?


Sweet setup Joey. In the South, we don't have basements, but if I did, I would want mine to be setup just like this!



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1)Yes that is tissues on the table. and i made sure everything was clean before taking the pictures .

2) The reason the pictures slant a little bit to cut down on reflections off the picture frames and so on. Real glass not plastic on those :-)

3) There was a black backing to the equipment rack , however with it on, its a pain in the ass to plug in stuff on the far right and far left of the equipment. Expecially with the pelican switcher. So i said screw it and ripped that thing off after getting pissed off :-)

4) I wouldnt know where to begin with wire ties. Like i said. there is never a light on near that, so i never see the wires. Only time i need light is to fix all the cables when something new comes


thanks for the comments



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Originally posted by JTello@Apr 5 2004, 11:35 AM

I think I see what appears to be a full supply just peeking in the corner of this picture,... look on the end table to the right.

Of even greater concern is the choice of material...






Joey, what model is that JVC? I have a simlar one that came with a cable mouse -- one that I don't use.



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Originally posted by CaptDS9E@Apr 5 2004, 06:36 PM

However in that picture jay you fail to notice the other game on the Disc. :-)


Um i dont even remember the model number of it off hand. Ill let ya know when i go down there later

Actually, I did notice the other title. Since it didn't fit in with my "Neener neener neener!" theme I chose to gray it out with the rest of the image.


If it's compatible, you can have my cable mouse if I can find it by the next time I see you.-j

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