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Stress is...


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waiting on a response for an offer you made on a house.


I guess adding to the stress is that our house has already sold (only took 3 days) and we need to be out by the end of the month :shock:


Somebody needs to speed time back up to normal....

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Guest Bryan

Good luck Chris!


So, where will you be staying and storing your furniture while waiting for the new home to be ready? ;)


A rule of home ownership - the people who are waiting for you are always faster than the ones you are waiting on.

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Well for all effective purposes they accepted the offer Yaaay (they just counter offered w/ a couple of slight changes in closing costs for legaleze reasons).



mmmmm Rec room (drooooooooooooooool)



So where is a good place to get a pool table :)

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Thanks! Still a lot of stuff to do but I'm already planning out the room - it has a built in desk on one wall that might make a nice console gaming station - have some plans for it, Space Invaders and the Tomorrowland cabinet against one wall, a pool table and who knows what else :)


Well I do know that my first big project at the new place will be building a Jukebox.

Kinda like one of these (but probably not as nice looking as the wood one....)

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