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Splinter Cell Team Tournament


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Here are the levels


The play in rounds will be played on the Cinema level


First round will be Warehouse

Final Four will be Krause Lab

Finals will be Deftech Belew.


Quick rules reference:


1. Default neutralization mode.

2. revenge turned on

3. winner will be first team to win as both spy and merc no matter how quick or long the match lasts. Hopefully no 4 hour games

4. This is the first week when you can play your scheduled game, but results must be posted by Sunday 25 at 11:59 ET.

5. Play in games...please get done ASAP. Sorry you have to play an extra round, but then again you will be playing just as many games as most of us. (esp Ballmeat and I going against Covak and Orpheus.

6. Higher team seeds will be spies first So first round, Team 1, 3, 5, 7 will be spy first. This will continue throughout the tournament.





Team 1 Thrillho and Ballmeat

Team 2 Orpheus and Covack

Team 3 Merlot and Coldforged

TEam 4 Scareface7 and JoshiaJay

Team 5 Vipor and Howiedo1n

Team 6 DrunkOM and Gigapower

Team 7 Baiter and Ruffneck

Team 8 JTello and Cyberwoo

Team 9 SamP and Nightwing

Team 10 CaptDS9E and DarthMaul Elite


Play in results:

Team 8 beat Team 7

Team 9 beat team 10


Will team 8 play team 9 ASAP winner will move onto 2nd round


First Round results:Warehouse

Team 2 whipped Team 1

Team 3 beat Team 4

Team 5 and team 6 game hasn't been reported in so far, please advise on the status!!!!

Team 8 and team 9 still have to play I believe. Play ASAP!!!


2nd round matchups: Krauser Lab

Team 2 vs team 3

Winner of TEAM 5/6 winner vs TEAM 8/9 winner.


Note: I adjusted the levels we're playing on. We didn't need four levels, only three. I took out the museum since it tied with the warehouse. and we all played that already.

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One thing I definetely think should be done is random teams. Like we put everyone's name in a hat and then just start randomly drawing. I think that will really add some spice to the tourney and help people get to know more of the LCVG crew.


BTW - Did I mention I'm in :)

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Alright it seems to be comming into shape, Why don't we shoot on starting this in a week or two, in order to give those who don't know it so well a chance to learn it. Lets say April 21st will be the start date. Late next week I'll get everyone's name and choose teams, since most want a random teammate.


Also we have to choose the levels to play. The first round should be the easier levels with the final match in the hardest level. everyone put a number next to the levels with 1 being the hardest, then 2 the second hardest and so on. I know some are easier or harder depending on if your a spy or not, so just choose as if you were playing as a spy.


Mine probably fill out in this order


Cinema 2

Warehouse 1

Museum 3

DefTech belew 5

Schermerhorn 6

Krauser Lab 4

Hospital 7

Vertigo 8


whichever scores the lowest will be the final night board. And I doubt we'll have enough for eight rounds so the first night board will be the highest scoring board in conjunction with how many boards we actually need.

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