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Who might Nintendo buy?

The Daisy

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I know they bought a chunk of Retro


They own Retro 100% last I heard. Don't think they own Silicon Knights.


I imagine Zoonami might be high on their buy list, though I suspect it'll end up being obscure Japanese teams they buy, just to spite the Western media hype train.

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They own Retro 100% last I heard. Don't think they own Silicon Knights.


Ah, thought they only got a chunk. Thanks Brian, didn't know they bought all of Retro. After Prime, its not hard to see why they would ;) . As noted though I think SK would be a sound investment after their work on Twin Snakes and Eternal Darkness.


Hopefully they buy a company with some background in online gaming


I don't think that would speed the release of any Nintendo online games. Not entering the online market is a deliberate decision by Nintendo. Perhaps it would make a good investment for thier next console as they will have some ground to cover on that front but I have no doubt Nintendo could make a focused online game if they wanted too.

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I don't think Nintendo should buy any game houses. Nintendo's biggest weakness has always been lack of third party support (and their greatest strength has been first party support). Buying up a third party developer and making them a first party developer just makes the problem worse. They need to spend their money reaching out to the third party developers (subsidize Nintendo console development, reduce licensing fees, share first party programming secrets, deliver SDKs earlier and to more developers, etc.) so that their next console has a better shot at restoring the Nintendo console glory. They might want to spend a little time and money investigating some fad called the Internet. It might turn out to be something someday. :shock:

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