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damn...either it won't run on my system well (at all!) or that's a really unfinished demo.


My 1.4ghz Athlon, GF3 results in horrible frame rates making control impossible. What I saw looked cool but it was totally unplayable.


Isn't this running on the Unreal engine? My system plays UT2003 perfectly.

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I can run the game real smooth on my system, the problem is the camera keep jumping around and it isnt very stable, the slightest movement of the mouse and it jumps, not smooth at all like it should be and it make the game unplayable, I tried playing with mouse sensitivity and had no luck, it must be a bug or something else....

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What exactly don't you like? The cel-shaded FPS? The comic book panelling? The word-balloon (for lack of a better word) radar? Story? Controls? I'm really looking forward to this one on console (probably Xbox, for Live play), but if it has some definable problems, maybe it's a wait-and-buy-cheaper title.

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