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Send aid relief. Britons in need of educating!

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I think in many instances such as these, the people being asked are having fun with the pollsters. I find it hard to believe that any European does not truly know that Adolf Hitler was a real person. Truth be told, I thought King Arthur and Robin Hood had historical, if not literally factual, basis.

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I forget the percentage of high school students that thought Central America meant Kansas, but it was well into the double digits if memory serves.


Thats not a lack of history, thats just typical American mentality. ;) Mind you that isn't meant to be deragatory (at least not all of it) but its amazing how horribly sheltered Americans are at times. Reminds me of an Eddie Izzard comedy skit where after a twenty minute diatrabe about World War II, he gives a perplexed look at his American audience and asks "Do you know that there are other countries?".

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Originally posted by iainl@Apr 7 2004, 02:47 AM

I think we can at least put this down partly to people not taking polls seriously. I know that if some random pollster asked me if the Battle Of Endor was fact or fiction I'd have to claim that The Return Of The Jedi was a documentary.

And Ewoks are what children descended from. :wtf:

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