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NBA Ballers


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Not much chatter about NBA Ballers in here.


Well, I picked it up, and I noticed a cool feature. During some portions of the game, like in menus, and during some cut-scenes and the like, the picture is windowboxed inside a black border - but when it switches to gameplay, the windowbox bars fade away and the game is 16:9.


A small thing, yes, but it made me like the game even more.


(Good game, BTW)

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It shares some things with NBA Street Vol 2, like street moves, NBA players, and some exaggerated gameplay (like jumping extremely high for dunks and blocks), but there are many differences.


For starters, Ballers is 1 on 1 - and is played on half-courts. The default mode is played in "rounds" - Play to 11 by 2's, no make it-take-it, best out of 3 rounds wins. You can use "friends" on the side of the court to pass the ball to you and feed you alley oops and such.


Ballers has much of what you may be accustomed to in a Midway basketball game, like "on fire", hot spots, amazing dunks and blocks, and lots of hidden and unlockable players. There's a "Rags to Riches" story mode, which is set up using the premise of a reality tv show.


I haven't got to play much of it, and haven't tried to play multiplayer, but it looks like great fun.

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