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Video Games Help Surgeons Make Fewer Mistakes


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Games Help Surgeons



I love this quote:

"Yes, here we go!" said Rosser, sitting in front of a Super Monkey Ball game, which shoots a ball into a confined goal. "This is a nice, wholesome game. No blood and guts. But I need the same kind of skill to go into a body and sew two pieces of intestine together."


Rosser has developed a course called Top Gun, in which surgical trainees warm up their coordination, agility and accuracy with a video game before entering the operating room.



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Unfortunately, what the write-up doesn't explain is the similiarity between a heart bypass and Expert 7.


Not sure if you're entirely kidding or not, but they do say that it's good for training surgeons who do laparoscopic surgery, which is done by remote. I think they even use dual joysticks in some setups, although you grip them like handlebars, IIRC.

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