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NFL Fever 2004 league-early signups


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Well it depends on how many people we have. At the moment we have half a league basicially so probably around 8 season games and so forth. But im sure we will get more signups before this starts. It will basically be like a real football league. ya will have a week to play and so forth



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OK, since I just joined this group and so I can officially post in the Fever league thread, I am excited about the start of the league and the total XSN experience. This whole Live thing keeps getting better and better IMHO.



Chris "DataTox" Cheadle

Dayton, OH

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Here is the updated team list. a few new sign ups. If you still want to take part let me know by thursday sept 4, 2003


NY Giants-CaptDS9E

Green Bay Packers-GatorGlenn

New England Patriots-perUano

Buffalo Bills-Ruffneck

St Louis Rams-Nightwing

Houston Texans-Union Carbine

New York Jets-Bigdoggphil

Chicago Bears-MJMChase

Tampa Bay Bucs-Jabroni11040

Philadelphia Eagles-Joboo

San Fran 49ers -Cane Corso

Atlanta Falcons-SeriousCrayon

Miami Dolphins-Darius

Cleveland Browns-Datatox

Kansas City Cheifs-killowatt

Oakland-Need to get gamertag

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Well XSN is up but it looks like we will be sticking with who we have now. You can only run a league with 4, 8, 16 or 32 people. I doubt we will get another 16 people to sign up. People can still say they want to take part and we will see what happens. The league will start next Thursday.



Also anyone who has signed up for the league go to XSNSports.com and log in to sign up for it. That way i can send everyone invites into the league



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I think the 16 team league might work out better. Hopefully, we will have fewer people (none) quit midseason.


I saw a post about passing options over on HTF. I think we should be able to choose whatever. Or maybe choose between "trigger" and "read and lead," the single button seems to make it too easy. What about other options/rules?


Although I do not have anything to compare, I am really liking the game. I've only played three games. The defense seems to play solid (covers receivers okay, sacks are possible, etc.). I really like the offense. I feel like a have more control on my passing. The running is good, maybe too good (need to play a few more games to decide).


question.....If I press the "Y" button, it shows my routes. Can the other team see this (when playing live)? I may need to get in the habit of not using that feature.


......should be fun

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The league did not come up when I did a search. Any others having problems? I'm an idiot, what am I doing wrong.


I went to xsnsports.com and logged in. then i clicked on join copmetition and entered the league name to search and nothing comes up.




Nevermind.......I told you I was an idiot. I got it, just can't spell :oops:

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Yep, apparently the XSN search engine isn't entirely intuitive since it wouldn't come up with the league if I did a partial search on the name. Once I did a cut and paste of the whole league name, everything was fine.


Looking forward to displaying my incredible mediocrity to the rest of the league members :green:

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