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I give the C4 mousepad a thumbs up

Beer Monkey

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I got a C4 mousepad the other day in the mail. This thing has very low friction, but it also has been tracking more accurately than any other 'optical' pad I've used (including the 3M precision pad that claims it is designed for optical use).


Here is a comparison review:




I got mine off of eBay (the version mounted on rubber, not the one you glue to your desk) for $10 and $2.50 shipping. Same price as on the CSHyde.com site (I bought on eBay after somebody claimed shipping was higher on the CSHyde site, but it turns out that is wrong).


Other mousepads I've used with the MX700 have some 'jitter' at times. Not the C4. Highly recommended by this Beer Monkey.


I suspect that soon I will bring the pad to work and get the huge stick-on version for home gaming.

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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Apr 15 2004, 03:23 PM

Hmm, I happily stopped using a pad altogether when I got into optical mice. Is the surface of your desk not smooth enough?

the desk i'm using is too high gloss

i've never thought of using a high performance mouse pad *looks down at spice girl mouse pad and giggles*

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