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Glen's PC and Videogame Wrapup for 4/11 to 4/17

The Daisy

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Well, this looks to be a pretty slow week for releases and ads. Kind of odd....


Oh, well.


Glen's LCVG Game of the Week



ToCA Race Driver 2 (Xbox) - $29.99


To be honest, I never played the first game, but I was interested in the concept of having an actual story mode in a racing game, or any sports game for that matter. This one is set to have a great deal more tracks and cars, so it could be a good game... also the $29.99 price point doesn't hurt.


Bargains of the Week



Best Buy


Playstation 2

Tony Hawk's Underground - $29.99



- Get a free DVD "Baseball's Greatest Rivalries" with the purchase of either ESPN Baseball, All Star Baseball '05, or MVP Baseball 2004


PC games

Flight Simulator 2004 - $24.99 after $20 rebate

Call of Duty: GOTY - $29.99

Max Payne 2 - $29.99

Unreal Tournament 2004 - $34.99

Counterstrike: Condition Zero - $34.99



Net Play keyboard for the PS2 - $49.99 after $20 rebate



Circuit City



NBA Ballers - $39.99 w/ Stephon Marbury Upper Deck Trading card

GTA: Double Pack - $36.99

LoTR: RoTK - $36.99

Top Spin - $26.99

Links 2004 - $26.99

Midtown Madness 3 - $16.99

Brute Force - $16.99

Enter the Matrix - $14.99

Ghost Recon - $14.99

Medal of Honor: Frontline - $14.99

NBA Street Vol 2 - $14.99

Counter Strike - $24.99

Crimson Skies - $24.99


Playstation 2

NBA Ballers - $39.99 w/ Stephon Marbury Upper Deck Trading card

Tony Hawk's Underground - $29.99

Medal of Honor: Rising Sun - $29.99

The Hobbit - $19.99

GTA Vice City - $19.99

Pac Man World 2 - $14.99

Splinter Cell - $14.99


PC Games

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - $39.99 w/ $10 Gift Card

Battlefield Vietnam - $29.99

CSI: Dark Motives - $19.99

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - $9.99



Free DVD remote with the purchase of a PS2 console



Xbox Controller S - $19.99


That's it for the week. Go figure.


Have a great week!



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I was at CC picking up a couple of 'S' controllers, and I saw this Linksys Wireless game adapter for $39.99! I'm pretty sure this was it, unless they also have a lesser model out.?


I was tempted, but I would need to buy 2 plus a wireless router, so I'll stick with my old fashioned hardwire for a bit longer.


Does anyone know if wireless routers allow for a mix of wired and wireless? I suppose if there is a router that allows a mix, I could get by with only one of these adapters.



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Circuit City has the Clone Wars and Tetris Worlds bundle for .01 on their website, but it's listed as out of stock.


You might want to check your local stores if you're interested.


I tried the CC near me at lunch today and struck out, but I did get the F-Zero guide for the GC for .01 :)



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