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Pool Paradise


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Anyone heard of this one? It has some really good review scores at metacritic.com. The release date is supposedly April and so many reviews usually indicate a game coming out soon, but I can't find it available for pre-order anywhere. 5 gameplay modes, 10 tournament types, 11 gameplay variants--6/9/10 Ball, US and UK 8 Ball, 14 to 1 Continuous, 15 Ball, Bowlliards (pool + bowling), Killer (1 missed shot loses a life), Rotation (a points scoring game) and Switchball (sink the Switchball to swap colors)--19 different tables (11 regular and 8 trick shot), it even has some cool unlockable games like Darts, Skeeball, Coconut Shy (coconut bowling, with a cannon!) and the arcade classic, Dropzone. And it's only $30.

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A Dropzone machine? That'll be Archer Maclean's new game, then (incidentally, a Dropzone machine only really exists in Archer's head; it was originally a C64 game. Actually, he's built an arcade version himself, but that is kind of cheating)


Its got 8/10 in the new Edge today, and sounds great - the real improvement is using the analogue stick to controls spin and power, rather like EA's Tiger Woods golf game.

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It's for all three major consoles & PC, though I don't know about a US PS2 release, I imagine there will be one. The US Xbox release in June/July should have Live play, just like the European release does.


Hearing it's a lot of fun on the PS2 with lots of things to unlock.

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