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Silicon Knights & Nintendo Part Ways?

Chris F

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Spreading the love is good. Have no problem with this at all though to me, Silicon Knights has yet to make a game better than the original Legacy of Kain ;) . Either way I look forward to seeing their continued efforts on all consoles including any further Gamecube content they produce.


This is a huge loss for Nintendo


Its a problem yes, but more than anything the timing is painful. Much the same way the Sports lineup and publishing cancellations were for MS. We are a mere month away from E3 and this surely isn't the type of news any of these companies want leading up to the big show, especially Nintendo that needs every developer they can get their hands on. Of course who knows what announcements await us this yeat at the Expo.....


Of course IGN also didn't have an April Fools Joke this month.......

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After reading all these interviews from Dennis Dyack, he seemed to love Nintendo's philosophy on gaming


Yeah, that is the one thing that strikes me as odd about hearing SK is gone. Dyack really seemed to be down with Nintendo. Ah well, truth is stranger than fiction :).

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Well, it's no doubt a blow. SK has done some excellent, excellent game work.




SK hasn't exactly got the most accelerated release schedule ;). They're almost a Rare 2 in that respect. I'm not saying there's no loss there, but it's not like Nintendo lost a company that released several products a year :P.


ED got pushed back from the N64 and Too Human has been missing in action for ages now. Yeah, Twin Snakes came out quick but the game was only reworked and not a ground up project. Not that it matters, I'll just get all the systems next time so I can get what I want when I want.


Honestly, if going multi-platform makes SK release games faster, then I'm very pleased :).

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Honestly, if going multi-platform makes SK release games faster, then I'm very pleased


That's a very good point, Mark. I hadn't even considered that aspect, but you have a good point. SK has been a bit of a sloth releasing games the last few years. Maybe we'll see an increase in the frequency of their release, as you indicate.


In the meantime, I still have "Eternal Darkness" on my Cube and old-school "Dark Legions" on my PC to satisfy my SK fix.

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I have very mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, I'm sad to see Nintendo lose one of its better second-party developers. On the other hand, I'm excited to see what Silicon Knights will do with their new-found freedom. Perhaps we'll see that long-awaited sequel to Eternal Darkness? Or how about the mysterious Too Human, a game that has been in development for quite some time now? We'll have to wait and see, I guess.

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