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You're Fired!


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Is anyone else addicted to this show?


I saw an interview on the Dennis Miller show with Trump and he said that his show is off the cuff. It is not written at all so if he screws up he screws up. He also said that the line "you're fired' Was not in the show at the early onset but when he got steamed at the first guy he started using it.


ALso for those curious of the Dennis Miller show, its really really really political so if you are not into that, don't watch it. It's on MSNBC nightly(I think) around 7 and 10(I think). Since i"m into that I'm tivo'ing it.

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I like the show a lot despite its obvious shortcomings. I hated that they made it a gender battle right off the bat. The sex-sells angle did wonders for the ratings, but it just didn't ring true for would-be jobseekers to behave that way.


Also, as for Trump speaking off-the-cuff, a good deal of his boardroom speeches were shot from his back, so he had plenty of opportunity to "loop" the dialogue in as many takes as he saw fit.



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this is a great show and i'm hooked.

plus the fhm shoot on their website keeps me excited...oh that was bad word choice.


any show that makes me watch oprah just to see omarosa and the other girls bitch at each other over stanley cup playoff hockey is a winner in my book!


i'm just upset that the finale is on late, the night before a final. boooooo! oh well i guess i'll have to avoid spoiler discussion until i'm done tests.

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