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Now take this with a grain of salt, but if any of you are emb.com posters you'll know that BigEd knows his shit and he apparently got a hold of the schedule somehow.


this is what he's got:

SUN 09/12 4:15PM vs NY Giants

MON 09/20 9:00PM vs Minnesota

SUN 09/26 1:00PM at Detroit

SUN 10/03 1:00PM at Chicago

SUN 10/10 BYE

SUN 10/17 1:00PM vs Carolina

SUN 10/24 1:00PM at Cleveland

SUN 10/31 1:00PM vs Baltimore

SUN 11/07 1:00PM at Pittsburgh

MON 11/15 9:00PM at Dallas

SUN 11/21 4:15PM vs Washington

SUN 11/28 1:00PM at NY Giants

SUN 12/05 4:15PM vs Green Bay

SUN 12/12 8:30PM at Washington

SUN 12/19 1:00PM vs Dallas

MON 12/27 9:00PM at St. Louis

SUN 01/02 1:00PM vs Cincinnati


now once again this is not official.


the most glaring thing to me is that we didn't get the turkey game with dallas. which i was hoping for.


the matchup with the vikings is in primetime (nfl loves it's owens/moss showdown doesn't it) and will be a tough tough game. if the eagles survive that though they should be sitting pretty heading into their bye.


I like to finish the season with an nfc grudge match just in case of playoff implications, but at least we're at home.


any other comments?


and i apologize if this turns out to be completely bogus.

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I apologize in advance for all the crying you'll be doing on 12/5 and probably 12/6 as well.

Is that when the 2004 NFC Championship game is? :)


With the way the Phillies are playing right now, their fans are getting warmed up. I hope for their sake that Owens and the Freak are good additions.

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i cannot believe how nice that schedule is

every single tough game will be at home, i'm not sure that that's necessarily a good thing based upon last year's home/road records but still.


I haven't really looked at any other teams but i heard the only team with an easier strength of schedule is dallas.


thank goodness for the afc norris.

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Here is Dallas's schedule:

Sun., Sept. 12 @ Minnesota Vikings 3:15pm - FOX

Sun., Sept. 19 CLEVELAND BROWNS 3:15pm - CBS

Mon., Sept. 27 @ Washington Redskins 8pm - ABC

Sun., Oct. 3 BYE

Sun., Oct. 10 NY GIANTS Noon - FOX

Sun., Oct. 17 PITTSBURGH STEELERS 3:15pm - CBS

Sun., Oct. 24 @ Green Bay Packers 3:15pm - FOX

Sun., Oct. 31 DETROIT LIONS Noon - FOX

Sun., Nov. 7 @ Cincinnati Bengals Noon - FOX


Sun., Nov. 21 @ Baltimore Ravens Noon - FOX

Thu., Nov. 25 CHICAGO BEARS 3:15pm - FOX

Mon., Dec. 6 @ Seattle Seahawks 8pm - ABC


Sun., Dec. 19 @ Philadelphia Eagles Noon - FOX

Sun., Dec. 26 WASHINGTON REDSKINS 3:15pm - FOX

Sun., Jan. 2 @ NY Giants**


To me it looks like Philly's schedule is easier but if you count the way they play at home who knows. The NFC east is no cakewalk and that AFC Norris isn't either. Dallas plays AT Minnesota and AT Greenbay which isn't easy. If they were at home, I'd feel more confident. St Louis seems like the Eagles most difficult road game. The rest are at home but then again you mentioned their home record last year.


Should be a fun year indeed.

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