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Which 2004 Summer film do you want to most see?


2004 Summer Film - What do you want to see the most?  

  1. 1. 2004 Summer Film - What do you want to see the most?

    • Van Helsing
    • Troy
    • The Day After Tomorrow
    • Spider-Man 2
    • Aliens vs Predator
    • Shrek 2
    • Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban
    • The Chronicles of Riddick
    • Something not listed above (post what film it is)
    • I don't go to theatres - bring on the DVD's!

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I am a movie fanatic - anything that has awesome effects & a decent story, & I'm there.

Maybe when I get my 50' HDTV I'll think differently :)


Seriously, some films are meant to be seen on the big screen. While I'll be seeing most of these films listed...(the new Spidey trailer was jaw-dropping!) I have a thing for disaster flicks.


Hence, my vote for The Day After Tomorrow.


Now,it's your turn!

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I picked Spider Man 2, because well, it looks to be awesome. I have a feeling that Alien Vs. Predator is going to suck hardcore though and could care less about some of the other movies listed. Shrek 2 has the potential to be good though... I really liked the first one for some reason (and watched it a million times to boot).

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I cannot answer this question. There are too many movies on that list I'm looking forward to.


This includes AvP, which is getting a bad rap because people hate Paul Anderson (No, not that Paul Anderson). But I loved Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and Event Horizon which was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen.


THe featurettes that have been up on the Quicktime site have me jazze for the movie. SUcky or not, it's gonn have Aliens and Predators in it!


Ok, I've changed my mind. I'm voting for AvP.

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Spider-Man 2 got my vote only because Doc Ock looks like he can kick ass. Toby and Kirsten are good as the leads but I find Green Goblin Jr. even more annoying and unlikable in this movie than in the first one.


As for the others, Van Helsing looks like it's gonna suck ass, Troy looks lame as all bleeding hell, The Day After Tomorrow looks like another damn run-of-the-mill disaster flick a la The Core and Armageddon, Aliens vs Predator sounds like it's gonna be a joke, Shrek 2 might be good but I lost all my respect for Mike Myers after he desecrated The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban gets a big who cares, and The Chronicles of Riddick looks merely tolerable.


Looks like I'm gonna be spending the summer away from the theatres.

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Not a single one of the other movies interests you Anthony? I'd be interested in knowing why you think some will "suck ass", or why you think they look "lame". Summer movies are all about big budget, no story, Michael Bay movies. Sure we all hate Michael Bay, but that doesn't mean all the other movies besides Spider-Man 2 will suck. Plenty of people enjoy these popcorn flicks, myself included.


In regards to Mike Myers, and your decision to lose respect for him because of Cat in the Hat... Have you lost respect for all of Hollywood then? I mean, EVERYONE makes a bad movie, even the great ones. One movie doesn't seem like it should make that big a difference, especially since many actors do 1 or 2 films a year for their entire career. Faulting them for one movie seems a bit much, don't you think?

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Well, The Day After Tomorrow is off my list because it's an Emmerich film. He has a talent for breaking my suspension of disbelief by throwing in poorly thought out psuedoscience and cheesy melodrama into potentially entertaining plot lines.


My vote is for Troy.

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  • 3 weeks later...

There are two I am most looking forward to, and neither are listed in the poll sadly. Terminal from Spielberg and I am FAIRLY interested in seeing what M. Night Shyamalan has to offer with The Village.


Of those that are listed, I voted for Harry Potter. It looks like Cuaron is really daring to inject some life into the films after Columbus' two decent enough, but ultimately by the numbers adaptations of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets.


None of the others capture my interest, although I will see Spider-Man 2 in the hope that it pleases me more than its predecessor did.


The premise of The Day After Tommorow intrigues me (and I rather like one of the trailers), but it being an Emmerich project does not have me overly excited. I'll be going by feedback of those I know who will see it to decide whether I give it a whirl.


I was never much fond of Shrek so I shant be seeing the sequel. Aliens vs Predator can rot in hell as can it's writer/director ( :green: ) and Chronicles of Riddick isn't my cup of tea as my brain tends to melt if I watch any Vin Diesel movie save for Private Ryan and er, The Iron Giant :) .


Troy looks too glossy and the only interest there for me initially was Gabriel Yared doing the music score, but he got kicked off having recorded the music and deeming it his best work, and he was replaced by James Horner who's just thrown together some slush in two weeks [literally two weeks].


Van Helsing just looks bloody atrocious.



Of those other big movies I can thing of not listed, there's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which unless it's great in the sense the Rocketeer was great, I'll skip.


King Arthur is lacking appeal at this moment in time due to the Bruckheimer (and Hans Zimmer music) element, plus the fact that it's a dangerous thing to boast 'the true story' on an aspect of history with so little to go by


Garfield, Catwoman and Thunderbirds can go the same way as Aliens Vs Predator for all I care. :)


Daniel (UK)

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Originally posted by Daniel Brecher@May 6 2004, 05:06 PM

Troy looks too glossy and the only interest there for me initially was Gabriel Yared doing the music score, but he got kicked off having recorded the music and deeming it his best work, and he was replaced by James Horner who's just thrown together some slush in two weeks [literally two weeks].

Really? After watching him go nuts trying to deal with Cameron's tight deadlines for Aliens on the Quadrilogy doc the other week, I'm surprised he agreed to it. Still, anything that means Horner suffering can't be all bad. :D


Agree that it looks like a load of tosh, mind you; it doesn't deserve a Yared score anyway.

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Nice little article about Horner's work on Troy here, yes. Yared is hoping to up a few cues from his score on his website in the coming weeks, though I still don't believe he is allowed to even release his work on the promotional circuit. If he does, I'll be sure to source it out (it was the only way to get hold of his Cold Mountain score). Dying to hear of it.


Most of it got to the stage where the majority of cues were recorded with full orchestra and choir. I think about 10% of it remains in the demo stage, but he got booted at a really late date because the score was "too old fashioned, over powering, big and dated the score" according to Petersen and Warner execs after response from test audiences. Petersen is actually becoming quite notirious for replacing composers (I have Randy Newman's original score for Air Force one which was replaced by a Goldsmith score).


Yared actually did a write up at his site regarding the whole mess. http://www.gabrielyared.com/ (just click 'news')



Back to Horner though, for a composer who rips himself off again and again even on scores he does have a lot of time to write, his 120 mins of work written in thirteen days for Troy does not fill me with much confidence. On the subject of Aliens, it did amaze me he and Cameron worked together again on Titanic, especially when Cameron's first choice for Titanic was John Williams.



Agree that it looks like a load of tosh, mind you


The battles look fairly impressive, and they built a lot of the sets and ships and what have you which is always nice to see these days in big films, but it seems pretty by the numbers on the whole.


I like the Iliad, and Troy isn't really what I'd envision in attempting to bring it to the screen, even on basis of being a loose adaptation. In a vain attempt to make it appeal to female viewers they throw in a bunch of young good lookers and oil them up, then leave the fighting and a ridiculously over glamorous looking Helen for the male viewers.... Also, I just don't think I can do another film with Orlando Bloom's limited facial expressions. :)


Now watch it make zillions of dollars.



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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is the one I'm most curious about. Harry Potter is a close 2nd. I'll go see a number of the summer flicks regardless (Van Helsing tomorrow night, yay).


Oh yea, Ghost in the Shell 2 is supposed to be coming, but I'm sure I'll have to drive about 3 hours to go see it. GRRR

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Kelly stole mine damnit! :)


I want to see most of the movies listed, except for Van Helsing, but none of them stand out as "must sees" more than the other. They're all pretty standard looking summer fare.


I must say that I have higher hopes for AVP than most of you here. The Featurettes released look pretty cool, but I admittedly have no knowledge of the comic books or anything else in the AVP world. Hell, I haven't even seen the first Predator movie :shock:


But the teaser trailer, and the song attached to it, for Garden State have me somewhat obsessed right now, and the few reviews of it out of Sundance, (One of which is Scott Weinberg from HTF whom I trust a fair amount) seem quite positive. What I've heard about Zach Braff taking a good chunk of his money made with Scrubs to get Garden State made is a pretty interesting story also.


The Terminal looks like a great feel good movie to balance out the SFX extravaganzas.


I'm gonna hold my breath for I, Robot also.

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I had high hopes for Van Helsing, but it is getting trashed by the critics.


I still hope to see it at the theaters only because it seems like a big screen spectacle.



The Village is my number one anticipated now. The preview on ABC scared the bejeepers out of me.




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Is it sad to say that I'm going to see Van Helsing tonight because I need a good laugh? (two year relationship just hit the reefs and I need the distraction)


There's something appealing about a crappy-ass film. Also I have some gift certificates for the theatre in question ;).

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