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Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution


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Yes, at that price I probably will. I may wait awhile, though, as my gaming plate is pretty full at the moment. I already have VF4, but the update sounds worth it.


I'm curious to see what the graphics look like (according to IGN, they've cleaned up much of the aliasing).


I'm also looking forward to some old-time Virtua Fighter 1 action!

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If I was in the position to choose, I'd get this over SC2 just for the inclusion of VF1. I remember playing that in the arcades and just loving it, it'd be awesome to have that on a home system. The good old days of ring outs and such.


Anybody who likes fighting games should have a copy of VF4 anyway. I played it on my friends PS2 and it was an excellent fighting game, it really made you feel like you were accomplishing something if you knew how to play it :P.


But no PS2, so SC2 for me! ;)

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From what I can tell the character models appear to be pretty much arcade perfect. They blow the Saturn VF1 and Remix characters out of the water. As for the sound I will have to pay more attention next time I play it. One thing I did notice was the nice metal sound is still in when you hit the ground on the metal ring stage!


I can't wait to get home from work and play some more!

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