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Ghost Recon Island Thunder


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Is anyone interested in starting to play Ghost Recon Island Thunder? If you are like me and like realisitc games, Ghost Recon Island Thunder is the most realistic game out there. It defenetely is not as fast paced as the other games. Sort of like RS3 but with wide open maps and plenty of hiding places. All the weapons are accurate and it's one shot one kill with the larger caliber weapons. :tu:

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Guest Bryan

I'd be happy to play in a casual get-together but I'm not interested in a commitiment (that's what she said). I bet we could twist Jason's arm into playing...

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Hey gang, thought I would dig this thread back up. I was sitting home this weekend trying to force myself to take a break from City of Heroes for a while, when the idea hit me to play some GR: IT. Aside from a few spawn campers that were promptly booted from the room, I had a blast. I had forgotten how much I love the strategy involved.


That said, I will definitely be back on it a few nights this week. If there is anyone else interested, maybe I will see you on. Or, better yet, maybe we could start an LCVG Seige room or something.

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Originally posted by CaptDS9E@May 25 2004, 05:27 PM

Starting next week id be up for playing a few older live games as ill have nothing to do. Ghost Recon:it is on my list



I'd be willing to play some GR:IT, but only if we play it tactical. You know, HL2Crosfire style! ;) :lmfao:


And Joey, please be sure to include Midtown Madness on there. I never got to play online with the LCVG crew, and playing with the UM was just too unbearable.



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Definitely looking forward to some GR or GR:IT LCVG nights. In the interim, I plan on playing a bit in the evenings over the next few nights. Typically I am on starting around 10:30 or 11:00 PM EDT.


Matt, if I don't have you on my friend's list yet, I'll shoot you an invite and maybe we could hook up for a game or two.



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