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Happy Belated Birthday JoBoo ( GaryP )


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:oops: LCVG resident Lurker GaryP's Birthday was yesterday.



Hoping you had a very happy birthday and you got some nice things to keep you occupied. I thought today was the 15th not the 16th.


Good thing Cal sent in my taxes already..... I would have been in trouble.


Anyway ..... Happy 28th Birthday. Only 2 more till you hit the big 30

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Wow, I'm a real jerk-off. Sorry I didn't check in sooner, I don't want to come off as an ingreat. I never even saw this thread until Jason mentioned something about 5 minutes ago.


I was out of town for a few days (including my b-day) so there wasn't much of a celebration this year. Anyway, thank you for the wishes. Indeed, I'm getting to be an old man, getting that 'old man smell' in fact ;)


Thanks again Guys and Gal,




PS. Dean: Blow me! :D

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