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On a whim I spent a little money on the newest Bionicle figures from LEGO, all six of them to be exact. I also picked up two of the smaller "Matoran" figures that are a companion set and will eventually pick up the remaining four.


I've been trying to find a good resource for collectors, specifically where Bionicle figures are concerned. Are there any LEGO collectors in the house? Where do you go for your collection information?

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LEGOs are definitely the bomb. I wish they had had that Steven Spielburg movie stuff back when I was a lad. I enjoy letting my creativity run rampant in strange and disquieting ways ;). But at least we had the Robin Hood sets.


My question, though, is whether LEGO is all that collectible. I see those Bionicle sets all over the place, surely they're not worth anything? Or am I misinterpreting the term collectible?

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Well, I'm really thinking more along the lines of making sure I have all of the main sets, and perhaps a few rare pieces. I'm not in it to make any money, as you can buy most of them on eBay for roughly the same price they would have gone for in the store. The problem is that you are forced to turn to eBay and other places for the earlier sets.


Those Robin Hood sets were cool. I've liked a lot of the Star Wars sets that have come out in the last few years. Too bad I never had any of those when I was a kid.


Then again, I did have quite the collection of Construx and Robotix.

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