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An Update on our daughter

Rob B

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Our daughter had her surgery yeaster day at 2pm and was done by 5:30ish.


last year the same surgery took about 6 hours.


When we went to see her in PICU she was alert and moving her limbs.


Last year This took about 4 days to happen.


They will be moving her up to a regular room already later today.

Last year this took about 5 days.


So all and all the process apears to be going much better thuis time around.


For those who don't know whats going on here is alink to the post from about a year ago.



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Guest Bryan

I'm glad things have gone smoothly thus far! Please tell Trinity that there are many people thinking of her and sending their love. Make sure to take care of yourselves as well as your little sweetie and have a good weekend.

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Nothing breaks my heart more than image of a child in a hospital, at the same time, nothing amazes me more than the strength and bravery they show facing a situation that would make the rest of us crumble. Thats one brave and special little girl and you are a lucky dad. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.



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Guest Bryan



Thanks for continuing to let your LCVG family know about Trinity's progress. Alexander and I have been reading your posts and talking about her. He is very hopeful that she will get better and can play with Mommy and Daddy soon, as are the rest of us.


Take care,



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