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Old School SOCOM Night-Wed. 4/21


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Ruffneck has just posted in the Xbox forum that a Live update will be coming next Wednesday.

According to the info,there will be no XBL for about a day.


So that leaves the PS2...


Now, I'm sure that some of you will probably be playing RE:Outbreak. Some others the project that is FF XI. Since I don't have either of those - I think it would be a perfect time for a SOCOM night.


Sometime around 8PM EST till who knows - as long as there is interest, we will do this.


If you are interested in playing - then post here & make sure you say which game you own:



I'm up for playing either one.

Okay,don't everyone jump at once now...:)

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Originally posted by Ruffneck@Apr 16 2004, 08:41 PM

I own both! And I've never played either of them!

Me too. I would not mind checking out Socom 2 since I played that one only like 3x as opposed to the 6 or 8x I played Socom 1....... Which ever you guys choose is fine by me though. Ill have my IM opened and I?ll be checking here for details.


See you in the rectangle.... ;)

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I'll be getting on around 8PM. I'll set up a room in a High US East server called LCVG.

(I'll also post the info here.) Then you just go & join.


I'll stay in the room for about 20 minutes. Hopefully someone will have joined us by that time. If all the bugs have been worked out,if you add my SOCOM gamertag to your friends list you should be able to find me that way.


I'll post that later as well.

Did I say we are playing SOCOM 2? Well,now I did.

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I had to delete all my settings and reset my network config in order to get the patch to work. My user ID and friends were still there but the clan was disbanded. It was fun killing Calvin :) for about a half an hour or so with Chris. If we can get some more people and XBL chat I think we can have some fun with this.

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I had a good time last night guys. I'm sorry I didn't play this game at the height of its popularity. It seems like it would be a good time with a whole bunch of people.


Now, I KNOW we have more PS2 & SOCOM 1&2 owners on this board. Where are they all? Come on guys! Represent! ;)


I'd like to schedule a bigger game if we could, since 3 people does not make for the best experience. Plus, I'll be getting my mic back this weekend, so I won't have to type all the freakin' time.

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