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What would be in your Ultimate Gameroom?


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I was walking through Dave & Buster's today - thinking about where all the good arcades have gone, & that got me thinking. I'm pretty sure that some of you might be lucky to own a full size game, or maybe a pinball machine.


So - if money wasn't an object...

What 5 games would make it into your ultimate gameroom?



My list consists of 3 videogames & 2 pinballs. They are:


Tron: One of my favorite old-school games, & one that is most difficult to play outside of the original game cabinet


Tempest: Again,this falls into the can't quite get the controller right. Besides,it just looks cool :)


A.P.B.: This was a tough choice (Star Wars in the sit down cabinet would have otherwise made it) but this "driving" game was tough,humorous, & lots of fun. Besides, so far,it hasn't been released on a Greatest Hits compliation disc - Hopefully someday...


OTOH, my pinball choices are pretty easy:


Banzai Run: Supposedly the only pinball which had a 2nd playfield in the upright portion of the machine, you raced to take 1st place in the motocross race. I would play this for hours at DG's Arcade back in the day...was my favorite pinball,until -

Attack From Mars: This pinball has it all,multiballs all over the playfield,humor,action,everything. Someday,if I'm lucky,I'll own one. I wish there was a place around here that had one I could go & play,because I would do so. It is that good.


So,what would be in your room?

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Cool thread, Cal!


Tempest - by a long shot this is my first pick. I'd also want a second machine for parts as I know from first-hand experience Tempest did not have the longest-lasting hardware.


Star Wars - the original vector arcade version. Even though I could play this game for as long as I could stand up, I never got bored with it and played it as often as I could. The MAME version just isn't the same without the built-in controls.


Tron - Mostly for the nostalgia, I adored the movie as a kid and love the arcade game.


Q*Bert - Oddly, I didn't really like this game much in the arcade, but I really, really got into the Commodore 64 version, which was AFAICT, identical to the arcade version.


Star Gate - I always liked this game, played it a lot, never got very good...but I love the simplicity, and the vector graphics.



Honorable Mentions:




Robotron 2084

Ms. Pac Man (I admit it)



Track & Field

Moon Patrol

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Ahhh, great topic.


Arcade-wise, I'll take:


The Simpsons Arcade Game - Time-tested good fun :).


One of the good Japanese versions of Dance Dance Revolution (really the only arcade game I ever need ever, can't beat those metal pads).


Then it's all the silver ball, baby!


Super Mario World pinball - One of my favorite pinball games EVER. Love this one, I have really fond memories of it.


Phantom of the Opera - Big fan of the novel, big fan of the table.


Doctor Who - Love the show, never played the pinball game, willing to take that chance ;).


I'm a sucker for a good pinball game, what can I say?

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I never had a favorite pinball machine. I usually played what ever was available at the bowling alley in our little town. But man-oh-man, when you found that sweet spot, that one place where you could give it a little hip action every so often, just a little nudge to help that little sliver ball where it really wanted to go ........ yeah. I loved pinball.



As for arcade games, I loved Tekken when it came out. And Excitebike was one of my favorites.

Mortal Kombat never really give me any tingly feelings. I could never do any of the special moves, so it just frustrated me. Tetris is an all time fav of mine.


So I guess that would leave me with any pinball machines, and Tekken, ExciteBike, and Tetris for arcade games.

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Assuming that size is no object either,


F355 Challenge - just the coolest sim in the world.

Scud Race - multiplayer sitdown cab, obviously. Best drift balance of any racer.

Asteroids - just the greatest, really.

Radiant Silvergun - because then I might ever get to play it.


8-Ball Deluxe - one of my fave pin tables, and less prone to failure than Cyclone.

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Tempest - This was my game. I was no spin-jockey, either.

Battle Zone - It has to have the periscope, too.

Stargate - I liked Defender, but the sequel was better.

Playboy Pinball, although the Kiss table was pretty cool, as I remember.

Daytona USA. Gotta have something to sit down in, 'cause the older gamers, we get tired pretty easily.

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Tales of The Arabian Nights


Whoa, what is this and when did it come out?


I'm a very big fan of the whole Arabian Nights tales and legends, I'd loooove to hear more about this one :).


Discs of Tron


Your arcade gets my quarters already. Fantastic game, this.

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Well, I would have to have a DDR machine in mine. I would just love one of those in my house.


Tecmo Bowl - I was offered the arcade version of this for a few hundred when I was young and broke... and I've been kicking myself about not getting it since then.


USA vs. USSR Table Hockey - Do you remember the one with the dome, and the 'Boo!' button on it?


A Metal Slug 3 machine


Ms. Pac Man... for the wife. :)



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Originally posted by Pharmboy@Apr 17 2004, 01:19 PM

Tales of The Arabian Nights


Whoa, what is this and when did it come out?


I'm a very big fan of the whole Arabian Nights tales and legends, I'd loooove to hear more about this one :).

Tales of the Arabian Nights came out around the same time as Attack from Mars. Responsible for my missing more than a few classes in college.

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My friend has personally bought and sold up to 20-25 pinballs and I've played them all as he's rotated them in his house. As such if I was to own several of these I'd narrow it down easily. In his house he has currently:

Bonzai Run -Diamond plate version - only about 10 in existence


Twilight Zone

Circus Voltaire

Star Trek TNG

White Water

Adams Family

Star Wars Epi 1

Star Wars(pre Sega version)

Medival Madness

Attack from Mars

Lord of the Rings


He has had at one point Theater of Magic, Star Wars(sega version), Arabian Nights and Indiana Jones amonst several others..


If I had my pick I'd have:

Lord of the Rings - Brand new and really expensive right now $4,000ish

Medival Madness = one of the greatest ever

Star Trek TNG: another great one

Adams Family - the largest grossing pinball yet.

Twilight Zone - Amazing game

Theatre of Magic - Awesome game too.

Whoa, what is this and when did it come out?


I'm a very big fan of the whole Arabian Nights tales and legends, I'd loooove to hear more about this one

Made in 1996 by Williams. The game is called "Tales of Arabian Nights" A used one will run $2500. A new one will run upwards of 3k. The concept is pretty neat but once you see the other games then its not so great. The music is very Arabian Nights/Aladdin feeling. The multiballs are awesome. The playfield is ok. The game itself is pretty solid.

Here is a pic of it:



Here is your pinball site of sites:



You can look at the new/used ones there.

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Am the only one here that owns an arcade machine? My "baby" is in my kitchen (there's no other room!) but its precious to me. I worked my butt off for it doing major overtime and it was my reward, goal and love. So of course it would be in my arcade machine room....


Dance Maniax 2nd Mix - I own it, and its a beaut! I just wish it was the J append version but otherwise its perfect.


Others I would like to own:


a Dance Dance Revolution machine in good shape. One with responsive pads that hasn't been abused to death. I already have Colbalt Flux metal pads for my PS2 but owning the real deal would be awesome. :D


Galaga - I have played so many of these machines over the years and am so fond of it. Nostalgia reasons mostly.


Mrs Pac-Man - Who doesn't want Pac Man? Who doesn't love Pac Man? Exactly.


Solomon's Key - my favorite NES game and one of my fav games of ALL time. I have NEVER run across a cabinet of this puppy and that breaks my heart. I did play it in MAME and some of the levels and enemies are different from the NES version. There's one level that's absolutely ridiculous. As a side note, this is my mother's (she's almost 60 now, wow) favorite game of all time (the NES version) and we have both beaten it and have SEEN and RESCUED the fairy princess. How people have done that????

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Good question and one I am working on currently as we FINALLY got all of our house stuff worked out and will be closing on the 30th.



Ok Ideally my five arcade games would be:


Space Invaders - the classic slide and shoot (and the only real arcade machine I own at the moment)


Galaga - Great game and I just love the shape of the Galaga cabinet


R-Type - one of my favorite games of all time


Ms. Pac-man table - no explanation needed


and of course my Tomorrowland Arcade so I could play all the others without having to narrow them down :)


As far as pinball I would like a Cyclone but I am a fan of older non-super high tech tables (pre LCD-screen stuff) so I would be just as happy with one of those and they are much easier on the wallet.



So for the actual gameroom - I am going to try to track down a used pool table first (to hopefully save some $) to add to the collection. My first building project at the new house will be a jukebox and when that is completed I'll probably start building a cocktail table machine.

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