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What DVDs will you be buying on 4/20?

Angel P

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3 Women (Criterion)

99.9 (1997)

9 Dead Gay Guys (2002) (TLA Releasing)

ABCD (1999) (Wellspring)

Alexander Calder (Wellspring)

As Young as You Feel (1951) (Fox)

Beyond The Call Of Duty (New Concorde)

Big Empty, The (2003) (Lions Gate)

Black Sheep Boy (Water Bearer Films)

Bloodmoon (1990) (Lions Gate)

Bonhoeffer (First Run Pictures)

Border Warz (2003)

Call Me Madam (Fox)

Carreteras Secundarias (Backroads) (Venevision)

Circuit 2 (Fox)

Common Ground (Wellspring)

Crisscross (1992) (MGM)

Dark Harvest (Lions Gate)

Debt, The (1999) (TLA Releasing)

Detonator (Fox)

Dias De Boda (Wedding Days) (Venevision)

Dice Rules (Lions Gate)

Divine Intervention (Image)

Douce Violence (Sweet Violence) (Pathfinder)

El Lado Oscuro Del Corazon 2 (The Dark Side of the Heart 2) (Maverick)

Eye of the Eagle (New Concorde)

Eye of the Eagle II (New Concorde)

Eye of the Eagle III (New Concorde)

Flower of Evil, The (2003) (Lions Gate)

Fool for Love (1985) (MGM)

For the Moment (1994)

Give My Regards To Broad Street (Fox)

Good Night To Die, A (Fox)

Haunted Mansion (2003) (Buena Vista)

Helter Skelter (Warner Bros.) (184-min version)

Hour of the Wolf (MGM)

In My Skin (2002) (Wellspring)

Incident At Oglala: Leonard Peltier Story (Lions Gate)

Jack The Giant Killer (MGM)

Kill Zone (New Concorde)

Killer Buzz (Fox)

King Of New York (Special Edition) (Lions Gate)

La Mujer Del Puerton (The Woman of the Port) (Excalibur)

Last of Sheila, The (1973) (Warner Bros.)

League Of Their Own, A (Special Edition) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Let's Make It Legal (Fox)

Lightning The White Stallion (MGM)

Little Monsters (MGM)

Love Nest (1951) (Fox)

Man of La Mancha (1972)

Marilyn Monroe (The Diamond Collection, Vol. 2) (Fox)

Mary and Rhoda (StudioWorks)

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) (Fox)

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (Collector's Edition) (2003) (Fox)

Me And The Kid (MGM)

Men And Woman (Water Bearer Films)

Monster Club, The (Pathfinder)

Nam Angels (New Concorde)

Office, The: The Complete Second Series (2002)

Ordeal of Dr. Mudd, The (Pathfinder)

Out of the Ashes (2003) (Showtime)

Park, The (Special Edition) (Image)

Passion of Anna, The (MGM)

Perfect Candidate, A (First Run Pictures)

Persona (MGM)

Phase IV (Fox)

Playboys, The (1992) (MGM)

Power Play (2002) (First Look)

Recipe for Disaster (2004) (MGM)

Red Riding Hood (1988) (MGM)

Reefer Madness (Fox)

Ring of Bright Water (MGM)

Roxie Hart (Fox)

Second Coming, The (Water Bearer Films)

Serpent's Egg, The (MGM)

Shame (MGM)

Siempre Te Amare (I Will Always Love You) (Venevision)

Silver Stallion (Lions Gate)

Star! (Fox)

Step Into Liquid (2003) (Lions Gate)

Story Of Floating Weeds, A (Criterion)

Stranded (Fox)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Warner Bros.)

Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (MGM)

Taking Sides (New Yorker)

Third Wheel, The (Buena Vista)

Trust Me (Wellspring)

Tube (2003) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Underground P.D. (Maverick)

Wasted (Fox)

Welcome To Spring Break (Lions Gate)

We're Not Married (Fox)

When Eagles Strike (2003) (New Concorde)

Wild Things (Unrated) (1998) (Unrated Edition) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Wild Things 2 (2004) (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004) (Dreamworks)

Windfall (Fox)

Wish You Were Here (MGM)


For me:


King Of New York (replacing my non-anamorphic version)

Master and Commander CE

The Office Series 2

Wild Things (replacing my rated version) :green:

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Hopefully The Office, Series 2.


Little miffed they didn't toss on the specials that end the series though.


Don't worry, they will come. Even here on their home turf the two specials from Christmas are being left for their own DVD release this winter. Whether the final disc will hit Region1 DVD in the US at the same time as the UK R2, I am unsure. It's likely you'll get them later, but they are coming.


Nice to see some US fans.



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BTW, I finally tracked down a copy of Shoot To Kill yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find it DD 5.1 and anamorphic! For $9.99? A steal!


But it was hard to find, had to call 4 Best Buy stores before finding one with any copies. They had 3 left when I called and 1 left by the time I got there.

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I bought Master and Commander on Tuesday and watched it last night, really good movie, extremely well made and acted. Crowe is a really damn good actor, as is Paul Bettany.


Some of the little things were the most impressive, like certain transitions were done so artfully, but subtly enough not to be distracting. It's nice to see a filmmaker that puts in those little details that set a film apart.

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