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I'm looking to pick up a laptop in the next month or so, but I'm pretty ignorant on my processor options. :?


As far as I can tell intel makes 3, Celeron, Pentium, and Pentium M (which seems to have a much lower speed). I'm guessing the Pentium M is just a low voltage version of the pentium, but again I really don't know.


I guess my question really is, why should I fork over hard earned doe for a Pentium and even harder earned cash for a Pentium M? :shock: Any other advice you have on laptop purchases would also be appreciated. :tu:

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I have a Sony PCG-Z1VAP1, which has a 1.6GHz Pentium M, and I'm definitely pleased with it. For the clock speed, it performs about on the level of a normal Pentium 4 clocked about 1GHz higher. It takes full advantage of the Intel SpeedStep technology, which means it can scale its clock as low as 500MHz when not much is being done in order to save battery life. SpeedStep won't noticably affect your performance either, as it'll go to full clock when needed. It does however improve battery life markedly, which is why I wanted to go with a Pentium M. I've used my laptop for 4.5 hours at a time before without problems (and 10% battery life left). Much of the laptop market now seems to be populated with 8lb, 17" screen, 3.2GHz behemoths with one hour of battery life, which wasn't what I was looking for. If you're looking for portability with good performance and some battery life to go with it, the Pentium M would be the way to go in my opinion. :D

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