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The Hardest Game


Which of these games is the most challenging?  

  1. 1. Which of these games is the most challenging?

    • F-Zero GX (GCN) on the Master Class
    • Halo XB) on Legendary
    • Ninja Gaiden (XB) on Very Hard
    • Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (PS2, XB, GCN) on Nuts of Steel
    • Viewtiful Joe (GCN) on Ultra V-Rated Mode

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All right, wimps, step right up and cast your vote for the game that does the most kicking of your ass. To make this comparison a little *ahem* easier, I've decided that all games should be evaluated based on their highest difficulty level.


Personally, I can't decide which one to pick. I haven't beaten any of these games at their highest difficulty level (and in the case of Viewtiful Joe, I have yet to unlock it). So, for now, I have no vote. What say you, fellow LCVGers?

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Only problem is someone needs to finish all of those games on the hardest setting to really give an opinion. And if more than two people here make that claim, someone's lying ;)


On the normal (default) settings I'd go with Ninja Gaiden, but I haven't played a few of the others all the way through.

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I played through Halo, Viewtiful Joe, and am nearing the end of Ninja Gaiden on the default difficulty settings. I've got Metal Arms, but haven't had a chance to get into it yet.


Of the 3, I'd have to say Ninja is probably the most difficult. But Viewtiful Joe was no cakewalk by any means.


I'm afraid to even try playing through those on uber-hard difficulty levels. The default settings were tough enough.


I'd like to throw Contra: Shattered Soldier into the mix as well. I've not been able to finish that on normal. Someday, maybe. Someday.

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Speaking of hard games, after over a week of playing, I finally beat Viewtiful Joe on V-Rated mode (thank you, thank you), thus unlocking the much-fabled Ultra V-Rated mode. For S & G's, I decided it might be fun to just check it out briefly to see what could make this already notoriously hard game even harder.


First of all, if you get hit on Ultra V-rated mode, you lose four whole hearts. That's right: four. Ouch! Secondly, you know those skull icons that tell you where an enemy is going to attack you? Let?s just say that the old expression, ?You don?t know what you?ve got ?til it?s gone,? really applies here. I don't even want to imagine what Fire Leo (the boss of chapter 6) would be like on this mode. Please don't hate me if I don't bother to find out. :green:


The question is, does this information make those of you who have voted want to change it if you could?

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Pansy. I beat it on hard about two weeks after I got it. You lack the skills of a man I tell you!


There's no questioning that! I've wanted to play Contra again and give 'er the ol' college try. Perhaps now that I've finished Ninja Gaiden I'll have newfound self-confidence and manage to complete the game. I doubt it, though.


I think my problem is that I notice just how much more dynamic Contra is on the PS2 than it was on the PSX, which distracts me. :D

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