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GC recs for a yong boy

Robot Monkey

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Eternal Darkness, BloodRayne, Hitman 2, Dead to Rights, Conflict:Desert Storm, the Resident Evil series, Splinter Cell, Beach Spikers... Oh, wait, those aren't "kiddie" games.


I think kids would like Animal Crossing, Mario Golf, Disney Sports Soccer (which is a good sports game besides), Luigi's Mansion and Dr. Muto.

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Animal Crossing is great fun for anybody, doubly so if they have a number of people to move into their town. All the other suggestions are quite good. Kids who've got some other gaming friends would probably like Super Smash Bros. Melee too.


The Sonic titles (especially Mega Collection, since it is nice and old school :P) and Spider-Man are probably also safe. Skies of Arcadia is a great game, but I know there are quite a few hells, a number of damns, and a couple shits. Most kids probably hear it all the time anyway, but you know ;). SoA can get kinda hard in spots too.


Upcoming, Mario Tennis and Mario Kart for sure. Buncha other stuff that escapes my mind :P.

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