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Halo 2: What will you do first?


How do you intend to approach Halo 2 gameplay?  

  1. 1. How do you intend to approach Halo 2 gameplay?

    • Complete the Single Player Campaign before going on LIVE
    • Play co-op first (assume they are the same as SP missions)
    • Jump into Online Adversarial play. (the missions can wait)
    • Mix all of the above

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Right now, I honestly believe I'm going to complete the SP campaign before jumping on LIVE. I will have the added incentive of trying to beat my kids to become the first to finish it. I've already cautioned my kids that when the game comes out if they let a spoiler slip, I'm going to be pissed. I also told them that if they get ahead of me on the SP campaign, I will be actively looking for reasons to ground them from playing videogames. So, I should be able to milk that for some great behavior for a few weeks. :twisted:


For Halo, the first time I played through it was with my nephew on co-op mode, and I regret it now. It was fun, but I feel like I short-changed myself of the SP experience.


I would love to do a mix, but I would be paranoid that if I jump into LIVE play, someone might leak a crucial spoiler about the SP game while in the lobby. Sounds a bit silly, I know. But I am anticipating Halo 2 the way some people anticipate a major theatrical release. The story of the game is as important to me as a top-notch hollywood production, and I don't want it ruined.


But of course, that might all change if I see you all posting here about how awesome LIVE is. I just might not be able to wait. Plus if I do wait until I beat SP before going LIVE, then all of you will have the advantage of the head start on learning the maps, strategies, etc.


Oh, what to do???


Perhaps some sort of "pact" is in order. :P


So, What are you going to do?




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Great topic :D


I'll have to jump straight to Live vs. play. I just hate getting a Live game too late and then getting my arse kicked over and over by people who have been playing since the game launched.


Don't get me wrong, I will prolly get my arse kicked anyway ;) I'll get sick of that, and I will most likely check out the SP, and/or co-op Live play :lol:

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